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"You are my owner. Once you said you keep me and You become my owner. Please Zayn I thought we already settle this."

"I know...I know..I love you so much as a cat. You remind me of my old cat. I miss him so much. H e always make me happy."

"You have me now. I promise I make you happy too."

"You a lot younger than me. I don't know what if people found out and I keep a boy at my home. You should be doing your study and I don't know what problem you have with your family...I want the best for you even I just meet you. The whole day I was smiling because I have a cat. A very cute cat and I'm happy."

"I love to make you happy Zayn. I'm know I just a boy. I can continue my study when I'm ready. I want to stay here with you. I don't want to go home. My family are far away from here. Please let me stay. I promise I be a good cat and a good boy to you. Please Zayn let me stay."

He been begging me and when I looked into his eyes and those dimples I can't let him go. I might be Bi. It been long time I left my ex because they alergic to cat. Can you believe it? I can't let them hate something as cute as you."

"Except Liam." He said back kind of jealous.

"What about him?" I asked.

"He like you. I know it."

"Oh that. We had a thing before. Liam and me. It a past and I don't want to think about it."

"Oh okay. We see about that." He look at the carpet and play with his fingers.

"Are you jealous?"


Dear readers,

Thanks so much for reading my story so far. Forgive me for typing error or spelling error or grammar error. I just type and post. How the story so far? I'm sorry if it short. I want to change the way I write from my before stories. Enjoy it.



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