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Liam can't send me home today. He got some work to finish and I have to other choise as to left with Louis. He been waiting for me at the door and I think he scare that I'm run away. I walk to him and he ready to go.

"Can you tell me where we going?" he asked me while we walk to his car.

"Well why don't you come over to my house. We can hangout."

"Oh yeah. I can meet with your cat Harry." He said.

"Yup you remember him."

"Of course. It the day you spent time with me and drag me along to the pet shop."

"Sorry. I'm so excited."

"I can see that. Even now we headed to your house you already look so happy."

"He make me happy."

"He just a cat."

"I know." I reply back and thinking about my Harry. Baby look what you done to me.



He bring me home. I can't believe it. It so easy. I know the way so well since I'm been following him son the day Harry runaway. 

He can't wait to come home and open the door. He went in first and I just follow him. "You can sit on the sofa." He told me. 

I watch him look for Harry and I see him walk out from the bedroom and stop for a while when he see me. "Meeeooow" he said.

"Harry this is Louis. My friend from work. He sent me home since Liam is busy. Come here." he called him to meet me.

He walk very slowly and come to me and I pet his head. "You stay with Harry for a while I get fresh up." Zayn told me and went to his room and closed the door.

"Harry I'm so sorry. I promise your mom." He transform into a boy again and I see him naked many times so I don't mind. Well Harry is great boy and I can see why Zayn love him so much as a cat or human.

"What are you doing here?" He ask me fiercely and grab my shirt in his naked glory. 

'Harry...you don't want Zayn to find out...do you."

"What you doing here? Getting close to Zayn? What are you planning to do?"

"I here because of your mom ask me to stay close to you. He worry about you. Since you run from us that day she been worried sick. Same goes with your dad. I found out where you are and pretend to work at the same office as Zayn. It must be a bit weird after you missing and this guy so excited to buy cat stuff so I being wondering he must have connection with you."

"You been spy on me all this time. That how my mom found out about me. Did Zayn know?"

"No he don't have idea. You haven't told him yet?"

"No way. I don't want to shock him." Suddenly he transform back into a cat and Zayn walk out looking fresh and hot damn. Harry lay by my side and I stroke his head.

"Oh look like he like you too Louis. Usually he don't like the first time he see new people." Zayn saying and went to kitchen maybe prepared foods.

'Hey Zayn don't bother to cook for me. Why don't we all go out for dinner. Bring Harry too." I smile at him when he come back to sit beside Harry.

"Ok thanks Louis." He grab Harry put a collar on him and went to grab that cat bag. Now I'm jealous of Harry that Zayn so good to him. He keep on cuddle and kiss him non stop and Harry just let him. Now I know why this boy don't want to go home. I want to be a cat too to get love from Zayn.

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