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Ding Dong Bell!

Ding Dong Bell!

"Hello anybody home?"

"Li...just go answer the door...please.." say Louis to Liam and Liam not even move from the sofa. Inside the room "Zayn go answer your door." say Harry shake Zayn and he still not move. "Alright then I go."shout Harry to make others annoy when he see that both Liam and Louis sleeping.

"At last." say Niall looking at Harry and stepped inside the house.

"What you doing here?" ask Harry closed back the door.

"I can't see my best mate?" ask Niall and take a seat not far from Liam and Louis. "Are they?"

"Yup. We just find out yesterday."

"Hey I heard that." say Louis and wake Liam up.

"Why you can't leave me alone?"say Harry.

"Because I'm your bodyguard. I need to guard you."

"From who?"

"Anything can happen."say Louis and stroking Liam hair.

"I have Zayn and we need privacy. You guys are so loud. We can't sleep."

"Really?" ask Niall looking at Harry.

"Yeah.. that why Zayn still in bed."

"Is it us or it was you guys? Zayn still sleeping because you bang him so hard." say Louis back to Harry.

"Same goes to Liam." say Harry.

"Guys I come here not to listen to you guy bang who and how and I need food who want to go lunch with me?" said Niall looking at Harry.

"Okay I'm going with you wait I get dress and wake Zayn up."say Harry and went to the room.

"I'm coming too. I'm hungry." say Louis."Liam wake up we have to get ready."


At Harry house

"Wow your house is massive Harry." say Zayn when Harry bring him to his room.

"I know but I feel stuck here. I thankful that I'm part cat and I can get away anytime when I want. Poor Louis when he first time work here he didn't have a clue that I'm not normal and he keep guard the door and I sneak past him and he just watch me and stand guard. Of course when my mom look for me and found I'm missing he the one that blame. Since that day I used many trick to escape him until that day you found me." say Harry.

"I think we destine to be together. I love cat so much and I love you so much. Thanks Harry."

"I should thanks you. You save my life. It so cold that night and I feel bad that I runaway from home and I thought nobody found me in that box."

"Baby I heard you home." say Harry mom outside the room.

"Baby?" ask Zayn looking at Harry and fix his clothes before his mom enter the room.

"Yup. My mom still want to call me that. She said no matter how big I am I always be her baby."

Harry mom walk into the room and hug his son and Harry introduce them. She like Zayn and she don't mind he older than Harry.

"Wow my mom like you." say Harry when his mom left the room.

"I can't believe that. It the first time and you don't tell me we coming here and I don't dress to impress." Harry put his finger to Zayn lips to stop him from talks.

"Hey...you always look good to me all the time." say Harry and start to kissing Zayn again.

"I love you." say Zayn between the kisses.

"I love you too." say Harry.

-The end-


Well that all I got. Thanks so much for reading.

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