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Leksi (boyxboy) by GreatBigSeaofWords
Leksi (boyxboy)by Rin
Kaede has always had a crush on his tutor, and has got himself convinced that nobody else could ever make him so happy. That was until one night after running out of gas...
  • yaoi
  • catboy
  • lovetriangle
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New Home (Exo Fanfiction) by 88Beast
New Home (Exo Fanfiction)by 88Beast
What will happen to kittySehun and kittyJongin when they get too old and the government comes for them?
  • kaifromexo
  • catboy
  • sehunfromexo
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I Am Reapers Rebellious Son(boyxboy) by Love-Saya-Chan
I Am Reapers Rebellious Son( Saya Love
(Book3)-It continues. Andy has grown to hate his older sister Ceres. She gets all the attention but only because she's in a coma. She took away the love of their mother...
  • comedy
  • fantasy
  • boyxboy
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Puppy Love? More Like Kitty Love by jay_clef
Puppy Love? More Like Kitty Loveby jay_clef
Luke and Liam are a pair of twin nekos. Humans with cat ears and tails. They've lived their whole life homeschooled, trying to keep themselves from society as much as th...
  • mythical
  • cutelove
  • schoolromance
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Cody Rames isn't gay! by Toby_Rames
Cody Rames isn't gay!by 🌼虎どの🌸
Cody Rames is a 15 year old boy who has a lot of trouble coming to grips with the fact that he is 100% gay and in love with his best friend, Lucas. but.... he's a litt...
  • boyxboy
  • gaylove
  • boy
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Cat Boy & Bugaboo- A Miraculous story by Castalette
Cat Boy & Bugaboo- A Miraculous Kim
*I do not own Miraculous Ladybug, All characters belong to their respectful owners, This story belongs to me! * No matter how much she screamed. No matter how much she c...
  • xreader
  • catnoir
  • chatnoir
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You're Mine  by FaiqaFatanah
You're Mine by Faiqa Fatanah
Jihoon is a boy that wishes he was never born as a catboy.He has a dark past that he could not forget about it.He is afraid of falling in love because he is afraid of lo...
  • woozi
  • seventeen
  • mingyu
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Owner & Kitten by Ciel-Marie
Owner & Kittenby Ciel Marie
Star and Rane; kitten and Owner. Stories ranging from cute to smutty.
  • kittenplay
  • masterxslave
  • gay
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❄️ My Little Snow ❄️ by -astrobabe-
❄️ My Little Snow ❄️by izzy
This book is based off of a story on webtoon called littlerain I hope you like it. The drawing of the cover is not mine! Summary: My life changed when you came into my...
  • imrunningoutoftags
  • help
  • love
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•CatBoy• |Pjm| by _Mi-Cha_
•CatBoy• |Pjm|by _Mi-Cha_
•Beyi aşla bıyakma Şyun-Şung• ~Seni asla bırakmicam Jiminie~
  • hyun-jung
  • bts
  • catboy
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Distant Encounters by felixplesoianu
Distant Encountersby Felix
On a lost colony recently rediscovered, some people will kill to maintain their power now that the starships are returning.
  • steampunk
  • island
  • bromance
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Lydia Deetz and the witch's house (completed 14/14) by Captainleon_English
Lydia Deetz and the witch's CharmRing_English
Lydia Deetz and her cat boy, Percy, enter the haunted house to save Viola. fanfic crossover/retelling of bettlejuice and the witch's house, the game made with RPG Maker.
  • beetlejuice
  • wattys2018
  • winonaryder
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H IS FOR CAT by LeftyBell
H IS FOR CATby LeftyBell
When a compound of humble potato worshipers (Potatoians or Potahtoians) decide to take in a mangy cat they witness a memorable sight in the back of a broken down bus. An...
  • comedy
  • hippies
  • humor
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Lydia Deetz and the killer droids (completed 2/2) by Captainleon_English
Lydia Deetz and the killer CharmRing_English
Lydia Deetz and Percy will have to run away from murderous androids. Fanfic retelling/crossover of robotech and Black Magic M-66, specifically in the prelude to Shadow C...
  • robots
  • beetlejuice
  • catboy
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CatBoy | PJM by Lisa_es
CatBoy | PJMby whattdedinbebeğğğhhqqq
Soğuk ve karlı bir akşamdı. Yine uyku tutmamıştı. Hayatımda neler oluyordu sanki birisi hayatımı tersine çevirmişti. Bıkmıştım, usanmıştım. Çok fazla denemiştim ölmeyi h...
  • btsfic
  • catboy
  • pjm
Cat Boy by purtie
Cat Boyby doritO
"What-what are those?! Cat Ears?" She screamed pointing at his head. "It's not very nice to point." He sighed , meowing sadly. "Did- did you jus...
  • romance
  • catboy
  • aesthetic
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Dreamsite by SparklingInfinity
Dreamsiteby Mono
  • neko
  • catboy
  • romance
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Saturday - a Chimera sidestory by Skyline2368
Saturday - a Chimera sidestoryby Skyline2368
When Saturday rescues a Chimera from gang members, she invites him into her home. But is that out of sympathy, or is she getting feelings for him?
  • cat
  • chimera
  • catboy
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