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Louis rush to work and wait for Zayn to come out. Well Louis technically not working there he just pretend to work there and Harry mom kind of arrange everything for him as long as he keep an eyes on him.

'Zayn...oi..Zayn" Louis call out to Zayn as he saw he walk out of the door.

"Hey Louis.' He walk to Louis car.

'Can I send you home?" Louis ask him

"Well you so good to me Louis. You send me to work and now you send me home. Thanks." Zayn climb in at the passenger seat.

"It at least I can do."

Zayn turn to the back seat and saw Harry laying there sleeping.

"Louis what happen to my cat? How he in your car?" Zayn ask him and went to grab Harry. He cuddle him and kiss him.

"I found him outside. I thought I keep him for you." Louis lied.

"Thanks Louis. Hey Harry...how are you? You have a nice nap? Lucky Louis found you. I don't want you to be lost again." Louis just smile and keep on driving to Zayn house. Harry so lucky. He need to tell Zayn the truth.

"Zayn can I ask you something?" Ask Louis. I hope Harry understand and he can explain to Zayn.

"Yes you can."

"Well who is that boy this morning when I sent you to work? He your boyfriend?" ask Louis.

"Yup he my boyfriend Harry."

"Did I see him before?"


"I think I need to see this Harry guy. He owe me an explanation."

"Why? What he did to you?"Zayn asked Louis.

"Nothing. Well I kind of jealous that he got you as his boyfriend. You so goodlooking." Louis want to make Harry mad.


"Hey Harry chill okay." Zayn rub his head and he silent. Louis just smile and it work.

"Thanks Louis for sending us home. You want to come in?" Zayn ask him and went out from the car.

"Thanks Zayn. I can meet with Harry your boyfriend."

"Umm yeah if he at home." Zayn replied and Louis can see  that he not very good at lying. Of course he not at home. He here with us.

Zayn unlock the door and Harry the cat just walk in and Zayn went straight to kitchen grab some drink and give to Louis. "I go clean up for a while. I guess that Harry still not home." say Zayn and walk into his room.

"Zayn sorry but why your cat and your boyfriend have the same name? I'm curious."

"Louis what are you're plan?" ask Harry transform back into human.

"I need you to tell him. Please Harry how long you want to keep a secret? Just tell him. I be here if you need me."

'Okay okay I tell him." Said Harry as he walk to Zayn room to grab something to wear.

"Harry what you doing? Did Louis see you?"ask Zayn.

'Zayn I need to talk to you about me."

'What is it? Are you okay?"Asked Zayn looking at Harry as he put on clothes back.

"Louis is my bodyguard." Said Harry.

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