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"I'm not." He replied and still playing with his fingers.

"Come here." I said to him. He come closer to me and i play with his hair. He put his head on my lap and snuggle closer.

"I can tell that you been jealous. I'm sorry. For the time being I want us to be normal. I don't want any relationship yet. I love the time I have with myself. You came along and my life more better than before. Thank you Harry for being my cat. I try my best to make you happy."

I look at him and there is no response. I look at him and his eyes are closed tight. He asleep? I'm talking to myself again. Urg...well what to do. I carried him to my room and put him on my bed. I getting undressed and ready for shower. He sleeping so I don't care if I'm naked. It my house, it my room and I'm comfortable with myself.

After shower I look over at him on the bed and he look back at me. Quickly i fix the towel on my waist.

"Don't worry i don't look." he replied.

"Oh..I thought you sleeping." I replied back and quickly put on my sweat pant.

"I was sleeping peacefully then I heard a "Meow" sound. I thought i make that sound but it coming from your pant there." He pointing at the pant on the floor.

I grab my work pant and put my hand in the pocket and take out my phone. I slide it open. It's my Tom the talking cat. OMG I totally forget him when I found Harry.

I sit on my bed and start to feed him and sent him to toilet break. Harry been looking at my back.

"You have a virtual cat? A Tom cat?" he asked me with weird expression.

"Guilty." I put my Tom to sleep and off the phone.

"What? Are you that obsessed with cat?"

"Well let me tell you my story with Casper. I was small kid at that and my mom get me the cat and I named it Casper. You casper the friendly ghost. I love him so much until he became too old and died. When he died I feel lost. I shared everything with him. All my saddest or my happiness. I play with him all day long. He always cheer me up. When I was broken down from the lost Liam suggested that I tried it. So I download it and he make me happy again. Everyday I spent time with him talking. It might sound crazy but I can't let him go. I thought I kill him when I want to uninstalled the apps I can't do it. Then you come into my life. I forget about him."

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