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"Wow so many beg there? What you buy?" asked Liam.

'Some stuff."

"I don't see you during lunch today."

"I was busy. When to the shop and grab some lunch. Hey do you know any guy name Louis?"

"Yeah I heard of him. He working at one level below us. Why you asking?"

'I had lunch with him actually. I was rushing to buy some stuff and he insist to follow me. So why not."

'You so kind Zayn. Very kind guy I ever known. If it was me I just give him acuse. Well do you need to lift home later?"

"Thanks Liam. I guess I need a ride with all this stuff I bought."

'No worries. I see you at my car later after work."


I finish my job like crazy. I rushing to Liam car with all my stuff. He open the door for me and put all the things. I jumped in and he drive away.

He stop at my apartment and cut off the engine. "I helped you with the stuff." he said get out of the car and start to take the things that I buy for Harry.

"I can manage that. Thanks so much Liam for drop me."

"Let me helped you Zayn. It nothing. It been some time I don't stop by."

'Ok come on then." I can only pray that Harry in his cat form. I don't want to shocked Liam. I don't know how to explain. I only meet Harry not even a day. I don't know what happen to my house with him alone. He must be bored. Poor baby.

"Zayn we here." said Liam holding the lift door open.

I rushed out with all the thing. 'What you been thinking? I saw that you smiling to yourself. I never see you this happy."

"Well it my cat.'

"Y ou got yourself a cat?"

"When?"He curious and looking at me while I try to find my keys.


"Yesterday you don't look this much happy."

"Well after you drop me off I found a cat. The cutest cat ever." I open the door and put all the stuff that I bought at the floor. "Make yourself at home.'

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