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I can't wait for the work to be done. i want to get home and sleep. i love to sleep and it relax me. I watch the picture of me with my cat at the side of the computer screen. i miss him so badly. Why he left me alone? I know even my cat already gone but he always in my heart. I'm a cat lover.

When I reach outside of the office it started to rain. I take out my umbrella and get ready to hit the road when my friend Liam and also my co-worker honk me.

"Zayn...come here I sent you home."

"Thanks Liam." I reply back and get into the car. I always take public transport because I can't drive. Sometimes my friends will drive me home and mostly is Liam because our house not that far.

"How was your day?"

"Tired. I just want to go home and sleep."

"That all you do beside work. I thought i want to ask you to hang out tonight at the bar or something."

"Maybe next time." i reply and see that he already stop in front of my apartment.

"Thanks Liam. See you tomorrow."

"No worries. See you."

I walk to the entrance and I saw the box by the side of the door. I come closer and used my umbrella to lift up the lid. Inside I saw the cutest cat ever with the ginger fur and he fast asleep and curl himself tight. I look around and see no one there and i grab the box and bring it inside and press the lift button to my floor.

The lift Ding! and I went out to my house number and when I got inside I slowly put down the box and my umbrella and stuff. I open my jacket and take out my tie. I open the box and the cat still sleeping. 

Slowly I lift him in my arms and see that he got dirt and bloods everywhere. One of the paws are injured too. I bring him to my bathroom and clean him up. I put on the bandage and slowly put him on the sofa with his head on the cushion. 

'What happen to him? Did he got into a fight? Poor kitten.' I said to myself. I prepared a simple meal for me and get ready to bed. I'm so tired. The bed is calling and I lay down on the mattress and fast asleep.

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