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"Hi dad." I say without looking at him.

"Harry my son. How are you?" he replied and come to hug me. This is weird not so much like my dad.

"Fine. Just tell me dad what you want?" I asked him and wait.

"I just want my son back. I don't know that when you missing you broke your mom heart and mine. So lucky that Louis found you and we had a little bit miscommunication and I punched him because he don't want to tell where you are. I need to know where you are. Why he protect you." he said. Louis protect me? I need to give him a thank.

"You don't need to hit him. Dad you the reason I ran that night. I feel trap here. I can't go out. I can't see my friends except Niall I can't do anything I want.Everywhere I go I need to bring like 10 guards."

'I'm so sorry if you feel trap. I worry about you. I can't protect you when you where kidnapped before and you become a cat thing. You are my son and I love you so much Harry." he hug me and I feel weird because all this time he never say that e love me. Well maybe he changed. People changed. I hug him back and I feel back that I ran away. I miss my Zayn. How about Zayn? He don't know who am I really am? I need to tell him. I need to tell my dad too that I have a boyfriend.

"I give you everything Harry. Everyting that you need. Just tell me. I give it to you."Does he can read my mind now. How he know I need my Zayn?

"Well dad did you really mean it? I mean what I want?" I ask him back and look at him.

"Just tell me okay. I want to get to know my son better and I want him happy."

"Well I don't know what to say about it but you promise you not going crazy about it." I ask him and study his postures and his face.

"I promise." he say.

"You promise dad. Really promise?" I ask him again because I not sure this is not a game.

"Yes. I promise Harry."

"I have a boyfriend." I let it out and see his reaction. 

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