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Zayn went to open the door and Liam entered the house. Niall was cuddling to Harry at the sofa.

"Hi Zayn. Who that? Your boyfriend?" Liam asked Zayn.

"Nope my boyfriend inside sleeping." Zayn lie and don't know what to say." That his friend Niall." Zayn introduce Niall to Liam.

Liam look excited."Your boyfriend here? I finally get the change to meet him."

"Maybe later. I don't want to disturb him." Say Zayn to Liam.

They decide to watch a movie first then eat. Half the movie Niall get up with Harry to Zayn room. "You come out few minutes later okay.":and few minutes later the real Harry come out.

Harry goes straight to Zayn and hug him. He keep cuddle to him. "Hi there you must be Harry." ask Liam looking at Harry.

"I'm Harry. Zayn boyfriend." he shake Liam hand. "Finally I got the change to meet you. Zayn keep you as a secret. "

"He does...well maybe he don't want anyone to take me away." say Harry kiss Zayn on his cheek. "I'm so happy you can join us." say Zayn looking at Harry and give a hint only they know.

"I'm hungry let eat."shout Niall and went to the kitchen. 'Hey where your cat Harry?" ask Liam.

"He sleeping I put him inside." say Niall. "Oh." Liam say.

"You owe me."whisper Niall to Zayn." Thanks Niall." 

"How long you guys friends?" Liam ask looking at Niall and Harry.

'Since we small. We so close." say Niall looking at Harry.

Harry was having fun feeding Zayn. All the foods on his plate is nearly empty. Zayn foods was untouched. He swap the plates and eat and feeds Zayn. He love the moment he can be himself and now he don't have to pretend. Every once in a while Liam and Niall will eyeing them. 'You guys are so cute. Harry you so lucky." Say Niall.

They chat for a bit and Niall say goodbye. "Hey do you need a lift?" asked Liam before Niall exit the house.

"My house not that far from here." say Niall.

'Me too. Let go I send you home." Liam get up and say goodbye to Harry and Zayn.

"Fuh they left." say Zayn looking at Harry. "For a moment there I thought he know that you are the cat lucky we have Niall. I only spent a short time with him."

"Don't worry he will come always since he knew I stay here.' Harry cuddle more into Zayn."Harry i just eat a lot. You seem non stop feeding me."

"Okay why not we take a rest and watch a movie. You pick."

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