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I saw a sleeping cat on the sofa. My baby Harry. I'm so relieved that he in his cat form. I lift him in my arms and cuddle him.

He stir a bit. I play with his ears. "Hey baby. Sorry to disturb your nap look who I want you to meet."

He open his eyes slowly. Those green eyes. I love it so much."Meow."

"Harry this is my friend and best buddies Liam." I bring him to meet with Liam.

"Liam this is Harry. My cat."

"Oh so cute cat. No wonder you can't wait to go home. Can I cuddle him?"

"Meow.." I try to passed to Liam but Harry stuck his nail at my jacket. "Meow"

"Sorry Liam he just wake up and he still not comfortable with other people yet. Give him some time." I pet his head and headed to kitchen. I saw the foods ready on the stove. It need to reheat and eat. I don't remember cooking pasta.

"Thanks Harry." I whispered to him slowly. "Meow."

"Good boy." I take some milk and pour into a bowl. I bring the bowl and him to the hall. Liam already browse the tv with the remote. I put the bowl down and Harry started to lick the milk. He must be thirsty.

'So adorable. I need one like this cat. So good. You so lucky Zayn that he so obedience. The house is clean no mess and he sleep whole day."

"Yup I guess I am." I pet is head and sit purr slowly on my lap after drinking his milk.

"Well I got to go. See you tomorrow Zayn." Said Liam stand up and headed to the door. "I let myself out.'

"Thanks Liam." I shouted back at him. "Harry I got you something." I put Harry on the sofa gently.

I went to grab the bags and bring to him. I take all the stuff I buy. Mostly is cat stuff. The collar, small cute cat clothes, toys for him to play and others.

"Oh I forget you also a boy. I need to get you your own clothes. Nevermind later I buy for you. For time being you can borrow mine."


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