You're his Daughter? by 06051m
You're his Daughter?by M.R.S.N
Zayn adopts a baby girl, only to find that after 16 years of raising her it's Louis Daughter. But how? [A/N: ok so this is 16 years later let's say 2036, wow I'm old, LO...
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Date me, Teach me || Narry by smd_fangirl
Date me, Teach me || Narryby narry.
Niall and Harry met over a dating website. After getting to know each other, Harry knows a lot about Niall and how he looks like. But Niall doesn't know much about Harr...
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Being Louis (Zouis) by tacodreamer12
Being Louis (Zouis)by 💕
Louis thought his life couldn't get any more interesting..... Well, he thought wrong.
  • louistomlinson
  • boyxboy
  • zouis
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slave :: ot5 by castawaymikey
slave :: ot5by madz
Master Zayn owns four hybrids.
  • zarry
  • master
  • boyfriend
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bottom zayn short stories by zaynsprecum
bottom zayn short storiesby zaynsprecum
stories that are too short to become a book
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Our only angel by scarletttwist
Our only angelby Scarlett twist
ACTIVE AND UPDATING EVERYDAY Anna becomes one directions age play baby but what happened when she craves some special attention from one of her daddy's and meets the boy...
  • liampayne
  • niam
  • wattys2018
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Baby Blue || larry [mpreg] by adorablouis
Baby Blue || larry [mpreg]by aj(aye)
[✔; editing] Louis is a single father after his boyfriend, Zayn, left him when he found out he was pregnant. Now he's left with his three year old son who reminds him of...
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  • zouis
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Baby "Jayn" by DirectionY0u
Baby "Jayn"by -Sི-
"Am Jayn" "Zayn, huh?" "How old are you?" "Twee" © directiony0u Cover: @zuhayn
  • ziam
  • liampayne
  • sophiam
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new boy  // zianourry //  by Efflorescence___
new boy // zianourry // by :)
a zianourry 1d fic where niall is a new student from ireland, now in london. and 4 of the most popular and rich students just so happen to become fond and infatuated wit...
  • lilo
  • lirry
  • onedirection
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Harry Styles BSM BOOK 3 by Princess_Jasmine16
Harry Styles BSM BOOK 3by 👑👑Princess👑👑
Here is the 3rd book hope you like it. Please don't forget to Comment Share And Vote
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PeRfEcT ×Larry_stylinson× by IM_MMAR_
PeRfEcT ×Larry_stylinson×by IM_MMAR_
اکس فکتور بازهم قرار بود شروع بشه و خیلیا میخواستن نظر بد اخلاق ترین آدم روی زمینو تغییر بدن. «لویی تاملینسون» بیست و پنج ساله،داور اصلی،حدودا ده سال میشد که نخندیده بو...
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Moving to New York City after college was such a huge opportunity, for now, 27-year-old, Perrie Edwards. As a new position comes open in her job, she is forced to chose...
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  • onedirection
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sacrifice { Zourry} by dd_1999_jj
sacrifice { Zourry}by انسه لاري 🌈
" أرجوك أستاذ لا اريد هذا " قالها الصغير و هو يبكي " اهداء لو انا و هاري سوف نعتني بك جيدا ، فقط كن فتى جيد " قالها زين و هو يمسح بانامله دموع الصغي...
  • تضحية
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Control Over Him by louism_2001
Control Over Himby Louis!
Control... that's what Louis has over Niall. Control over everything in Niall's life. What Niall eats, drinks, his friends, basically everything. If Niall doesn't do wh...
  • larry
  • 1d
  • ziam
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Oops? ☯ Zouis Talik by sweetxXxdreams
Oops? ☯ Zouis Talikby Matte Dickson
To put it simply, Louis Tomlinson ruined Zayn Malik's life. "Did you ever even care? At all?"
  • harry
  • one
  • malik
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Unwinding by larrysbrokensong
Unwindingby ♕
"You never meant a word you said." - In which Harry makes a fake account on facebook to scam. He targets Louis Tomlinson, the rich freshman at his school. Harr...
  • bottomlouis
  • zarry
  • facebook
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Family troubles by CC_originalzz1D
Family troublesby CC_originalzz1D
(The cover is made by a wonderful person on tumblr! So full credit to her ana-horan) Niall was a troubled sixteen year old. He was always getting into trouble which ange...
  • onedirection
  • teenageharry
  • zouis
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Our Baby (Zianourry) ON HOLD by harrys-rings
Our Baby (Zianourry) ON HOLDby Court
[Sequel to Our Human] Harry Styles has found his mates, gotten rid of his crazy ex, and found out he was pregnant, which is pretty much everything he's ever dreamed of...
  • mpreg
  • zianourry
  • narry
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One Direction Mpreg One Shots by The_sequin_carrot
One Direction Mpreg One Shotsby Bree Stanfield
I fell in love with Mpregs after reading Uncommon Sanction (everyone go read it!) This will consist of all the 1D bromances :) I hope you enjoy reading this as much as...
  • ziall
  • narry
  • angst
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Louis-e (Zianourry) by Obviouslarreh
Louis-e (Zianourry)by Obviouslarreh
Louis was certainly not a girl. It was just his feminine feature or maybe his chestnut brown hair running past his ears that made people think he was a girl. - - Where...
  • nouis
  • onedirectionau
  • larry
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