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"Zayn please wake up....Zayn..." say Harry shake Zayn shoulder and he move a bit. He wait a few more minutes for him to open his eyes.

"Hi..how you feeling?" ask Zayn looking at Harry.

"Thirsty. Sorry I don't know what happen."

"It okay I got it. Wait for a minutes I go grab water for you." say Zayn wake up from the bed and went to the kitchen. He dont see Liam and Louis on the sofa until he want to go back to his room and he see them arms in one another and hold close to each other and sleep.

"Here you water."

"Thanks. What happen last night?"ask Harry and hold Zayn hands.

"Well we went to have dinner with Liam and you suddenly transform into a cat after you eat and we rush you home. I put you on the bed and after few hours you transform back and I don't want to disturb you so I just let you sleep."

"It happen before. Must be the foods. I forget what it is. Well I'm okay now. Can we play?"

"What you mean play?"

"I want to have sex with you. PLease Zayn....please.." beg Harry looking at Zayn.

"Well Liam and Louis are outside sleeping on the sofa." say Zayn.

"What are they doing here? I don't have a privacy."

"Calm down Haz I think they are together."

"What you mean?"

"You can go see them for yourselves."

"Okay" so Harry went out and take a peek and come back to Zayn room and lock the door. "They so cute together. My bodyguard an your best friend. They give us some time alone." say Harry and come close to Zayn.

"Baby I miss this so much."say Zayn when Harry start to kiss and lick him at his neck and give him few small bites.

"Baby what you done to me..." say Harry to Zayn."Wait a minutes if I call you baby and you call me baby who is the real one?" say Zayn.

"You are my baby." say Harry. "But I call you baby first." say Zayn.

"Why we have to fight about this baby thing...okay I call you Zaynie.. you call me Harreh...okay?"

"Okay Harreh..my baby. I miss you kiss me." say Zayn and begin to kiss him on the lip and Harry reply back and they can't stop kissing each other and suddenly they heard "Why they lock the door?" ask Liam shouting to Louis.

"Liam li...honey just don't disturb them...give them some moment. Come here cuddle with Daddy." say Louis.

Zayn and Harry stop kissing and start to laugh and just stare at each other." Daddy..." say Harry...

"Li..Li.." say Zayn... "I never call him like that."

"Let continue what we left..' say Harry and they start over again.

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