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It the weekend night and Zayn still not home yet. I become worried and don't know what to do. How I'm going to call him? It Harry here may I talk with Zayn? I can't let anybody found out who I really am. Even Zayn. I'm sorry Zayn one day I explain to you all about me.

I heard a key been unlock and I quickly went to the door in my cat form. Liam opened the door and greet me.

"Hey Kitty."

I just meow him back. What happen to Zayn? I saw he carried a pass out Zayn in his arms. He went straight to the our room. I just follow quietly. What he going to do to him? He going to rape him? I can't allow it. I'm ready to transform back at any time.

Slowly Liam open up Zayn clothes and throw it at the side of the  bed until he was in his boxer trunk. He take the blanket and cover him up. He gather back all the clothes and take out his phone and stuff and lay in on the table. He throw the clothes in the hamper.

I climb on the bed and lay on Zayn legs. Liam dissappear and come back with some pills and a glass of water and put it by the side table.

'Hey Harry are you hungry? Zayn not feeling well. Let him sleep." He takes me into his arms and I try to wiggle out but he hold firmly.

He carried me to the kitchen where Zayn keep an empty bowl for me. Liam pour in the cat foods. It smell delicious. I can survive on both human and cat foods. I eat some and Liam pour some milk for me. He sit there waiting I finish it all. He clear all the stuff and pick me up and cuddle me.

I don't like him before but he here almost everyday. "Hey Harry just to let you know that Zayn love you so much. You make him happy again. Thanks so much. I got to go. Take care of him okay. I see you on Monday after work." 

I watched him left the house and lock the house after he left. I went to the bedroom and lay closer to Zayn. "I take care of you Zayn. I love you."


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