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I wake up with a big headaches. My head hurt and I feel heavy weight on my legs. I open my eyes and see naked Harry sleeping on me. I sit up and see the clock by my side and there a glass of water and some pill. I swallow the pill and finish the water. 

Harry stir and almost fall down off the bed. I managed to grab his hand and pull him back up.

"What happening?" He asked and watched me with his sleepy eyes.

"You going to fall down." I said.

"Why am I naked?"

"You always naked Harry." I said and let out a yawn. I should continue sleeping.

"Yeah I know what I mean is that why I am not in my cat form?"

"How do I know? You the catboy not me. I got a very bad headaches and I'm going to continue sleeping. What a minute why am I naked?" I not wearing anything under the blanket? What happen last night? OMG did I do it with my cat? Oh no... I didn't do it? I can't remember anything.


I watch as Zayn was in deep thinking. He must try to think what happen last night. I not sure I should tell him or not? Should I? Or wait for him to asked me.

"Er Harry what happen last night?" he ask me slowly and shyly.


"Please tell me the truth. I can't remember anything." he said and massage his temple.

"Well... we.. we..

"We did it right? I'm so sorry Harry I can't remember anything. I didn't mean to do that with you now. I don't even know if you're a virgin or not. OMG please forgive me."

"It okay. For your info I'm a virgin. I like you so much."

"Did I hurt you?"

"It was great experience. I love to do it again."


"Let me take care of you Zayn. I really like you a lot. I don't care about the age gap or anything between us. You so good to me."

"We can try."

"Thanks Zayn." I jump into his arms and he cuddle me. I hug him back tightly."Harry you hug  meee soo tight.." cry Zayn.

"I'm  sorry I'm so excited."

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