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The next morning I feel so lazy to get out of bed. My alarm keep on on snooze button. I feel big strong hands cuddle me tightly.

"Please stay."

"I need to work to earn a living." I replied back.

"Just fake MC or something. I don't want to let you go."

"I had great time last night Harry. I see you after work okay." I try to get out from his arms and he don't let me go.

"Harry...come on..." he let me go and I went to take shower and get ready. He just sit and lay his back on the bedpost and just stare at me while I get dress to work. When I look back at him he give me that look...please stay..

I went out of our room to get some breakfast. He follow behind me. "You promise you come home early today?" He ask while his hands snuggle my waist while I try to make toast.

'Yes. I even ask Liam to send me home as soon as we finish work okay."

"Okay. I be here waiting."

I rush to work since I kept snoozing my alarm this morning. Guess who I bump to non other than Louis.

"Hey Zayn. How are you?"

'I'm fine.'I reply short. I don't know what he want but I got Harry now so I'm not interested in other guy.

"Why you keep on avoiding me?" he ask me back.


"Well I do like you. With your good look and too hot for any girl or boy to handle."

'Are you gay?" I asked him spontaneously.

"What if I am? Do you interested in dating me?"

"How do you know I like boys?" I asking him again.

"Just do some research."

Why I stuck with this guy in the lift. I want to run as fast away from him but I'm stuck. Maybe I should be nice to him and he let me go. 

"Okay. Then we can start as friend." I say to him.

"Great I see you after work." he left me when the door is open without I can say no or yes.

I promise my Harry I be home early today. Maybe I just bring him home for a while and maybe he like Harry. If he like Harry then we cool.

What if Harry don't like him?

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