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I wake up with a furry fur on my face. I open my eyes and it Harry hands. He turn into a cat when he sleeping and he all over me. I removed him and cover the blanket on him and when to get ready for work. 

It's been few days Harry stay with me. I love the company he gives me and I'm happy again. He always in his cat form now since Liam always want to sent me home so that he can see Harry. Harry don't mind it as long I play with him after work and cuddle him to sleep at night.

I left a note on the pillow and left some breakfast for him. Last night he not sleep well so I don't want  him to wake up yet. I want him to have a good rest.

I rush to work and I bumped into Louis. I been avoiding him thie few days. I don't really like him that much there something suspicous about him that I can't tell and he been asking about my cat. Nobody know except Liam and Louis since he been following me to the pet shop.

"Hi Zayn. I don't see you around." he asked me and smile.

"I'm busy Louis.' that all I replied.

"Well when you free I want to ask you out for a drink? Maybe this weekend?"

"I'm got some plan. Sorry."

"Well Zayn you can't hide out from me forever."

"I'm realy busy Louis. I see you later." I quickly get into the lift and pressed button to my office level and shut the door fast.

I thought I was alone and there someone beside me. "Why so rush?"

"Oh Liam you startled me."

"I run away from Louis."


"Yup. Again."

"You don't like him that much."

"It not that but I don't like he keep asking about Harry. I don't like it."

"Harry your cat. Well how long you plan to keep him?"


"Are there no lost cat anybody filing or post on the area of your house?"

"No. I found him. He belong to me." I start to get my tone higher.

"Chill mate. Why so protective over Harry?"

"He my cat." I replied back and when out when the door lift open.

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