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I keep holding him even he fast asleep. I don't know where he goes when I come home and he missing. I need to talk to him when he wake up.

"I'm so envy of Harry." said Liam looking at us.

'Why?" I ask him back.

'The way you hold him and kiss him and cuddle him. He just a cat Zayn. When we are together you never hold me like that. You so worried when he goes missing. What happen when he decide to go home?"

"He stay with me. I care for him."

"He asleep Zayn. Don't you want to put him down? You been holding him since you found him here sleeping."

"I can't let him go. He so precious to me."

'I can take care of him for while. You should go take a shower or something. He wil be still sleeping when you done."

"Okay. I take a quick shower. You better not going anywhere."

"I order foods for us. After dinner I went home. I want to make sure you okay. Don't worry I just sitting here with Harry sleep by my side and watch the good show on TV.'"

"That really comforting. Thanks Liam." I went to him and place Harry on the cushion by Liam side and kiss Liam on the cheek.

I went to take the fast shower ever and rush outside and see that Liam was stroking Harry head and he was fast asleep. There a doorbell ring and I rush to the door and pay the money for the foods and bring the foods to the table and set things up. Liam say goodbye after we finish eating. Harry still sleeping so I just carry him to our bed.

Suddenly he change into human. Lucky I put him under the blanket. "Hi" his say to me and his big hands hold me close to him. "Sorry" he whisper at my ear.

"Don't do that again okay. You scared me there. I dont want to lost you."

"Should I make it up for you?"

"What you had in mind?" I tease him. I love the way he make me feel good. Especially with his hands.

"Something that make you happy." He spooning me. Here we go again. I thinking about the yesterday event how Harry make me so happy.

"Wait a minute where you get all that stuff?" I turn my body facing him.

"I buy it."


"I borrow you credit card and puchase it online when you busy working. They even deliver at home. I no need to go out."

"What? You take my credit card behind my back and buy all those stuff what else you done behind my back?" I start to get angry at him.

"Nothing much." He try to kiss me and I don't let him cause I just found out what he did when I'm not at home. I cant resist the way he touch me and we ended kissing.

"I win." he say and I can see he smirk back at me.

"Sometimes I wonder who is the owner and who is the cat?" I say to him and he start by undressing me.


A/N :


Goodnight people. Have a beautiful dream. I hope you enjoy my stories so far. Thanks so much to take time to read it. I know i'm not a great writer. I just type what I feel. I'm so thankful that someone out there read my story even only one person it mean a lot. Thank you.

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