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"What you must be joking right Harry?" Zayn ask him and Harry just keep on getting dressed.

"I'm not joking." Harry walk to Zzayn who is now sitting on the bed.

"Are you serious? Is this true? Why you have a bodyguard? Why you need one?" Zayn was confused and thinking hard what will happen next. He love Harry so much and he don't want to lost him when they so good together.

"Well let me introduce myself. My name is Harry Edward Styles. I'm a boy when they kidnapped me and make me transform into a cat. My father was furious and they manage to save me and since that awful event I can't go anywhere without my bodyguard. He keep on increasing them as I grow up and the day that you save  me is the day I ran away from my own father because he so controlling. I can't live like that. I feel trapped in my own house and anywhere I go all of my bodyguard are there. Somehow I manage to ran from them and my mom as always know a way to find me by sending Louis. I'm sorry that I don't tell you who I really am."

Zayn just silence and listen to Harry story and now he know what really happen to him. "Can you forgive me?"

"Of course Harry it not your fault and I'm sorry that you experience the things that happen to you."

"I like be a cat. I feel that it naturally me."

"You so cute as a cat and also as a human."

"Thank you for accept me for who I am. Let go out Louis is outside." 

"I totally forget that he here." Zayn replied and Harry pull him out of the room. "There you love birds I thought you guys busy banging each other that you guys decide to stay inside."

"Sorry Louis. Harry just told me what really happen to him."

"Finally I keep ask him to tell you but he don't want to listen."

"Louis you can go now and tell my mom that I'm okay and I will bring her to meet with Zayn." Harry told Louis and Louis say goodbye to Zayn and he left them alone.

"You're mom okay with it? I mean does she know?"

"Yup she know that I like guy and she okay as long as I happy. That all matter to her. My father is different. I hope I can convince him. I'm the only child and I have to take over my father company and ask me to start study the business but I'm still young I need time. I want to enjoy my life and I found you and that all that matter to me right now."

Zayn cuddle close to Harry and they start to do make out session when the doorbell ring.

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