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I rush home to be with my Harry. As usuall Liam insist on sent me home. I open the door and the house was quiet. There no one on the sofa and I rush to the bedroom maybe he sleeping inside. No one. I start to get panic attack. Where is Harry? My Harry? Did he run away? He don't love me?

I sit down on the sofa and dial Liam number. "Hey Zayn." say Liam.

"Harry." I'm so sad and my panic attack happen when I can't control it. The lost of my cat Casper start to hunting me again. I was shaking and tears start to fall.

"I be there as soon as I can. Just take deep breath. Everything will be okay. He a cat maybe he wander off somewhere. He be back home. Don't worry. Okay." Liam keep saying good thing to make me calm down. He never put down the phone until he infront of my house.

He rush inside and straight cuddle me. "Its okay Zayn. He somewhere safe. He will be back soon."

"He never went outside alone."

"I know. We find him." He take my hand and we go out to find Harry. Liam doesn't know that Harry is also a boy not only a cat. How are we going to find him?



I walk home back to the house and take the spare key where Zayn keep for Liam for emergency. After open the door I put back the key. I walk inside and clean myself. I don't see Zayn anywhere. Maybe he got caught up at work.

I'm so tired after the meeting with my mom. Being a part cat you always want to sleep or take a nap. I don't wear anything after shower and change into my cat form and curl on the sofa waiting for Zayn to come home.

"Zayn he here." said Liam voice.

"OMG my Harry. He safely home." the voice that I been longing for. Why he sound sad?

"I told you he home. Why you have all this panic attack about your cat?"

Zayn  had a panic attack? Is this a dream or what? Why he had a panic attack?

I feel the familiar hands hold me up. I need to wake up. I just fall asleep not more than 5 minutes. I'm so sleepy and disoriented. I hardly open my eyes. I feel his hands on my head rub my fur. He cuddles me close and kiss me few times on my cheeks and I still close my eyes. I love the way he touch me. So gentle and soft. He keep stroking my head and I fall into deep sleep.

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