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Harry and Zayn still hot snogging each other when the door open and Liam enter himself in.

"Zayn are you home...

He enter the house and see them kissing each other. "Guys get a room."

"This is my house not yours" replied Zayn and Harry smirk back at Liam.

"Sorry I just come in like that."

"It not your house and you make it like yours."

"Well I kind of get use to it. Hi Harry. How are you?"


"I don't see you around much."

"He busy." Zayn replied.

"Where is your cat? I don't see him around."

"He somewhere here."say Harry still hold tight with Zayn.

"What you want Liam?" Asked ZAYN.

"Just want to ask you guys out. I'm bored. If you guys busy I understand. I just get going then." say Liam trying to leave them until Harry say "We go with you?"

"Are you sure?"Ask Zayn looking at Harry.

"Yup let go." Say Harry and pull Zayn hand and they follow Liam out.

They went out and enjoy the night away until Harry suddenly transform into a cat and Zayn managed to catch him. 'Harry are you okay.?" Zayn asked him and Harry just limp in Zayn arms.

"What happen Zayn? Where Harry?" asked Liam coming back to the table after he went to washroom.

"He here.'

"What you mean he here?"

"We need to get out now. Please Liam. I need to go home."

Zayn carry Harry in his arms and Liam pay the bill and grab Harry clothes. They went to Liam car and Liam ask for explanation." Since when Zayn? Are Harry and the cat the same person?"

"Yup. Sorry liam I should tell you early. I don't know what happen to him now. He never like this maybe I should give Louis a call."

'Louis? You mean our Louis?"

"He Harry bodyguard."


"I explain later Liam now I need Louis." say Zayn and dial Louis number. He answer within first ring and Zayn explain what happen to Harry and Louis tell him what he should do.

"Louis say he will be okay after he sleep. Something with the food just now that not suitable for cat maybe he don't realize it."

"Okay I sent you guys home."

Zayn thank Liam and he told him what really happen and who Harry is and Liam now understand the whole situation.

"So Louis is his bodyguard, Niall is his best friend and you are his boyfriend. Wow I can't believe it and it true. Well I see you tomorrow. Say to Harry to get well soon." say Liam as he stop by infront of the apartment and Zayn carry Harry and his clothes into his house.

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