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He's the sun that peeks

through the clouds on a rainy day

River's pov

Jude's birthday was coming up in two days' time. I was currently sitting on my bedroom floor wrapping up her presents; BTS's Map of the soul album and a black Attack on Titan hoodie and a box of different dark chocolate with orange.

Just as I finished wrapping it up, Noah came into the room, "are you done, baby?"

"Yeah," He grinned, picking me off the ground as I squealed in delight, and sat on the white plush bean bag with me on his lap. Wrapping his arms around me, he started kissing my neck and biting it.

Giggling as I turned around to face him. I leaned forward to give him a peck on the forehead and rest mine against his whilst rubbing our noses against each other. Feeling peaceful and warm, I start playing with his hair.

"I love it when you do that baby," He says, closing his eyes. I moved away a bit to look at his face. Noah opened his eyes slightly wondering why I moved.

He was truly a sight to behold. His cheeks looked flushed as I continued staring at him, making me smile.

I brushed my lips against his cheeks softly. "You say I'm an angel, what does that make you?"

He stays quiet, so I continued. "You have such a pure soul. Always making me feel warm even on the coldest nights. I couldn't ask for more even if I wanted to."

He bit his lip, turning misty-eyed. He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. Conveying his emotions through the kiss. Words he didn't need to say out loud; instead, he'd show me.

We pulled away panting, he pecked me again as he said, "you really know how to leave me speechless don't you?"

I giggled, "so do you."

He wrapped an arm around my waist and held my chin with his hand as he stared into my eyes. I couldn't take it anymore so I leaned forward and took his bottom lip in between my teeth and pulled at it. He opened his mouth as I started kissing him. Knowing that he let me take over excited me.

He licked my lips and I let him in, tasting the flavor of the mint ice cream he ate a while ago fueled my excitement even more. Noah's grip on my hips was like a vice. His hand traveled up to the side of my neck as he softly squeezed it.

I pulled away gasping for breath as he moved my head to the side planting wet kisses on my jaw and trailed to my neck. He started licking and sucking my neck causing heat to pool in my core.

Lust clouding my mind, I trailed my fingers down his muscular chest, loving the feel of his ridges under the tips of my finger. I tugged at his shirt, he got the memo and swiftly removed it.

I've seen him shirtless countless times, hell, he sleeps shirtless. But tonight, it just hits a little more intensely. He was hot under my touch.

I held his face and pulled him in for another bruising kiss as his hand wander to my crop top cardigan and pulled at it, then paused, I nodded at his unasked question and he continued; he slowly unbuttoned it and slid it over my shoulders.

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