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the moon lives in the
lining of your skin

River's pov

Waking up from the nap, I turned my head and looked out the window only to see it getting dark outside. My eyes widened in panic and I detangled myself from Noah's grip got up in a haste, causing him to groan and pull me closer to his chest.

"Noah, Noah-"

He let out a tired chuckle, "I checked the time baby, we didn't sleep in." He turned his phone on and showed me the screen; it was still 5:55 pm, we had to be there at seven.

I slumped against him, "Sorry I- uh, freaked out..."

He didn't say anything as he buried his head in my neck and kissed it. I closed my eyes at the feeling and sighed.

"let's take a shower," I turned around and looked at him with a blush then nodded.


After a really long shower, and new marks on my body, we dried ourselves and started getting ready.

I bit my lip as I stood in front of the mirror in my towel and traced the new bruises on my neck bashfully. Not noticing Noah behind me, I squealed when he gripped my hips and pulled my body flushed to his.

"I got carried away... sorry baby," he said huskily, nipping at my ear. I saw my cheeks redden further through the mirror and shook my head.

Placing my hands on his, which were now on my stomach, "I like them," I shyly muttered.

That caused Noah to grin and prep more kisses on my neck, "my little girl likes being marked hm?"

I turned in his hold and hid my face on his chest as I hugged him. The constant need to be in his embrace was staggering.

Pulling away from him, "I need to get ready." He nodded and went to sit on the bed as he was already dressed; in a long sleeve maroon shirt, black jeans, and combat boots.

Going to my walk-in closet I pulled out a white skirt and shirt, paired it with a baby blue cardigan and converse.

I turned to Noah who was slipping his silver rings on and asked him, "how do I look?" As I did a little twirl.

"Like an angel, baby." He said walking over to me.

Once he was in front of me I leaned up and wrapped my arms around his neck, he leaned down as our lips met.

Our lips moved in sync as he bit my lip making me moan and he took that as a cue to slip his tongue in.

Pulling away breathlessly, he smoothed down my hair, "baby, we need to go, otherwise, we won't be leaving this room, and start what we just finished in the shower." He started at me with his darkened green eyes.

I blushed and looked down, "let's go..." 

Noah shook his head, smiling down at me. He held my hand as we went downstairs and locked the door as we headed out.

On our way to Noah's, we decided to stop by Melanie's bakery.

Once we reached, we entered the shop, and the chime of a bell sounded. We were looking at the displayed desserts when I felt a tug on my skirt.

A sense of Déjà vu hit me. Looking down, I see Adam smiling up at me; his dimples on display. 

Gasping, I pick him up and place him on my hip. He starts giggling and tugging on my hair. Upon hearing his laugh Noah turned to us and a heart-stopping smile appeared on his face.

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