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I found love in your heart

River's pov

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Noah groaned behind me and hugged me tighter to his chest. Reaching over the side-table where my phone was charging overnight and picked it up.

"Hello?" I said groggily, voice full of sleep.

"Hey, sorry if I woke you," The sound of my sister's amused voice made me sit up, or at least tried to. I lightly tapped Noah's arm that was wrapped like a vice around me.

He loosened his grip on me, allowing me to move and sit up. I laced my fingers through his and held the phone with my other.

"It's fine, I had to get up soon anyway," I said quietly as I caressed my thumb on his palm. "Sorry I haven't called in a while... how's everything over there? how's Mathew?"

Jenna let out a laugh and instead of replying she requested a video call.

I accepted it only to see her holding up a black and white Polaroid picture. I looked closely and noticed it was an ultrasound scan; a small bean in a uterus.

My hand went to my mouth as it opened in shock and my eyes starting watering.

I started squealing and jumping up and down on the bed causing Noah to sit up, startled.

"Baby," He pulled me over his lap and nuzzled his face into my neck. "what's gotten you all loud like that."

"Hey Noah," my sister said, amused.

He looked up from my neck to the screen which still showed the ultrasound and his eyes widened in shock.

"Holy shit," he said grinning, arms tightening around my waist. "Matt finally knocked you up huh?"

I choked on a laugh and turned to sit sideways on his lap to wrap an arm around his neck.

"I'm going to be an auntie I can't believe it," I said emotionally. "You're going to be a mom!"

My sister nodded, "I'm 3 weeks long."

Jenna moved her phone slightly and Mathew's broad frame came into view. He had black buzz-cut hair and brown eyes.

"Hey stranger," I said smiling bashfully. "I'm so excited for you guys to become parents!"

Matt smiled displaying a set of dimples. "Hey Riv, yeah same. I cried like a baby when we found out."

Jenna laughed and kissed his cheek adoringly.

"Happy for you man," Noah said, saluting him.

Matt did it back, "you've got the other Cortland girl in your hands."

I blushed and hid my face in Noah's neck as Jenna laughed.

"Exactly, how come you didn't tell us you made it official?" Jenna accused amusedly.

Biting my lip, I became shy all of the sudden.

"Leave them be Jen, we knew it was gonna happen anyway." Matt defended.

We stayed talking for a while until Noah's stomach growled so loudly even Jen and Matt heard from the screen.

"You guys just woke up huh?" Matt laughed.

Noah playfully bit my neck, "This one over here woke me up with all her squealing."

I giggled a lightly pushed his head from my neck but he didn't budge.

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