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He set fire to the world around him
But never let a flame touch her

The sound of someone barging into her room woke River from her deep slumber. Instead of getting up, she snuggled more into her white comfortable sheets.

She knew who it was from the scent of his cologne.

Suddenly, she was hauled onto a lap. She finally opened her eyes and smiled rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Hey," she said softly.

Noah smiled back at her as she cuddled into his neck.

He sighed wrapping his muscular arms around her tiny waist.

"C'mon baby, it's time to get up," Noah whispered into her ear and gently rubbed her back.

Her voice sounded muffled against his neck, but he understood her clearly as she said, "I don't wanna."

Knowing this would get her up he said "I'll buy you cookies on the way," she had to get up soon, school was gonna start in 45 minutes.

She jumped from his lap "I'm up, I'm up!"

Noah laughed and muttered amusedly under his breath "I knew that'd work."

She went to the bathroom connected to her room, took a quick shower and came out ready, wearing one of Noah's old shirts.

To his delight, it engulfed her tiny body. She paired it with a blue plaid skirt which reached her mid-thigh and wore a pair of white high-top converse.

15 minutes later they both came down hand in hand, Noah shouldering her light gray backpack.

River went to kiss her mom and dad who were having breakfast.

Noah just smiled and nodded at them since he already said hello when he came to pick River up.

"Have a great first day kids!" Her parents say in unison.

They wave at them and walked out, getting in Noah's light blue Jeep.

Before putting on his seatbelt, Noah reached out to the backseat and picked up a paper bag, then handed it over to River.

She squealed happily, "thank you, Noah!"she said after kissing his cheek.

He grinned, loving the feel of her soft lips against his skin.

"Yeah baby, I knew you wouldn't have gotten up otherwise."

He bought her the promised cookies beforehand, knowing how River was in the mornings.

She giggled and started munching on her cookie and feeding some to Noah.

He turned the radio on and Ed Sheeran's voice filled the car. "I can't believe it's our last year of high-shool," River said.

"Yeah time flies, I remember it like it yesterday we were having a bubble bath together," Noah said smirking looking over at River knowing she'd be blushing.

And surely, true to his thoughts River looked away with a cute blush coating her cheeks.

"Shut up, we were kids," she grumbled, a blushing mess as she looked away from her handsome green-eyed best friend.

Noah just laughed and continued to tease her till they reached their high-school.

Noah just laughed and continued to tease her till they reached their high-school

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