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You are the moon and the stars, and all they gaze upon

River's pov

The bell rang signaling the end of classes. Walking out of the science lab, I see Noah standing near the doorway waiting for me.

He had his eyes on me, phone to his ear as I say bye to my lab partner and walk up to him.

"Alright, I'll tell her." I hear him say as I get nearer.

Once I'm in front of him, He wraps an arm around my waist pulling me flush to his chest. I go on my tiptoes and place a kiss on his jaw to which he smiles.

"Okay, bye." he ends the call, slipping his phone in the back pocket of his jeans.

"Hey baby," He says leaning down as he brushes his nose against mine and pecks me softly.

I blush, hugging him.

"Who was that," I mumble against his chest curiously.

"That was Matt, he said our parents are at the hotel they're staying in, and everyone's waiting for us," he says while running his fingers through my hair.

I look up at him in surprise, "really,"

Noah nods at me, "yeah baby, let's go, we're going to stop by the house to get some clothes."

I nodded smiling up at him. He laces our fingers together as we walk towards the parking lot.

Our friends were standing near his jeep talking.

"Hey angel, still have some of those muffins?" Jake asks me, giving me puppy eyes.

I giggle as Noah wraps an arm around my waist, leaning down to whisper as he says, "My angel."

Bashfully reaching inside my bag to pull out the container, "You're in luck, It's the last one," I tell him as he jumps like a little kid. It was a funny scene; a 6ft muscular male jumping up and down giddily.

"Calm down, you man-child." An amused Caleb says, patting down his head like a kid.

Everyone laughs as he grins happily. He looks at me, then spreads his arms wide and hugs me— and Noah, who was behind me.

Noah grunts as Jake hugs us.

I giggle as he finally lets go of us and contently eats his muffin.

"Where's Jude?" I ask curiously.

"She went ahead of us to buy some snacks since we're going over to my place. It was a last minute plan, wanna come?" Sarah asks looking at me and Noah.

"My sister and Matt are back, they want us to swing by where they're staying," I say apologetically.

Sarah nodded, "awh, it's alright Riv." She said walking up to me just to wrap me in a hug, this time Noah moves away.

The boys do their handshake, and as Sarah lets go of me, Jake comes up and ruffles my hair.

"Thanks for the muffins little angel," he said with a wink and blows a kiss to Noah who was glaring at him.

I giggle and lean up to peck Noah on his jaw.

Jake chuckles, waving at us as he walked up to his grey Mini Cooper.

"Let's go, baby."

I nod as we get inside the car and drive to his house.

Once we reached, Noah unlocked the door and turned to me saying, "Pack enough for a night, they booked us a room."

Biting my lip as I glance back at him as if sensing my gaze he looks in my direction and winks at me.  I blush deeply and start packing my things in a big handbag.

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