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I love being yours
& knowing you are mine

River's pov

The second I closed my eyes that night a scene started playing behind my closed eyelids. There was a small blonde girl with wavy hair cradling a baby wrapped in a blanket. Swaying side to side facing the ocean ahead. The wind blew her blonde strands. Then came along a tall tanned man who walked over and wrapped his muscular arms around the girl and the baby.

He was cooing at the baby who was full of sweet giggles. Their faces not showing, all I could see was their backs as I watched the scene unfold.

The baby started getting fussy after a while and began crying.

The girl murmured softly at the baby before she sat down on the blanket that was placed on the sand. The guy followed suit and sat behind her.

He pulled another blanket out of the basket next to them and wrapped it around the dainty shoulders of the girl to cover her view of breastfeeding the baby from the few other people who were scattered along the shore.

The girl kissed the man's cheek with a blush on her face. That's when I saw her face and when it clicked.

That blonde girl was me and the guy was Noah. That was our baby in my arms.

Not realizing I had been sniffling in my sleep until I felt Noah's arms from behind me tightening.

"Baby," he said, voice deep with sleep.

I turned over to him, wiping my damp cheeks.

"What's wrong angel?" He looked at me wearily, caressing my cheek.

I bit my lip and hid my face in his warm neck while hugging him close.

He wrapped his arms around me once again and kissed my head, "are you sore? Is that it baby?"

Now that he mentioned it, I began to feel the familiar ache in between my thighs making me clench them.

Noah noticed this and let out a tired chuckle.

"My insatiable angel." He whispered into my ear hotly as I felt him hardening again beneath me.

It had only been a couple of hours since we had fallen asleep and it was still dark outside.

I started sucking on his neck, biting then pressing kisses on it to soothe the bruised skin.

He moaned and started to grind his hard cock along my now-wet flower.

We were both bare, not having bothered to wear anything after our second shower that night knowing what would inevitably happen again.

His lips went to mine and we started kissing passionately. Our breaths mingled once more as his tongue explored my mouth. We were familiar with each other but every kiss was enticing, making us want more and more.

Once I was wet enough he slipped in me again for the umpteenth time that night.

We both moaned in pleasure as he began moving inside my tight hole as he liked to call it.

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