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You deserve the moon
and all the other stars

Noah's pov

The second we got to Jude's house I knew something was wrong.

River was sitting on the big couch wrapped in a fluffy gray blanket looking paler than usual.

I immediately went up to her after saying hi to the girls, "Baby."

She looked up at me shocked, just realizing we arrived.

"Noah," She said happily and moved to stand up and hug me, but I sat down next to her and pulled her over my lap to which she happily cuddled me.

"Wanna tell me what's gotten my princess all pale and cold?" I said nuzzling my face into her soft neck.

She took my palm and placed it on her flat belly and bit her lip. That's when it clicked; it was her time of the month.

"How bad is it? Do you want painkillers, I can ask Jude," I said rubbing her tummy soothingly.

She shook her head, "No it's fine," while wrapping the gray blanket on me as well.

Everyone walked into the living room, Caleb with his arm over Sarah's shoulders and Jude and Jake in tow.

"My mom just headed out, so make yourselves comfortable," Jude said taking a seat on the other couch.

"I'll make popcorn, you guys pick a movie," Sarah said pulling Caleb with her to the kitchen.

Jake laughed shaking his head, "I guess our popcorn is gonna take time to make"

I laughed pulling River closer to my chest, "you feelin' cold baby?

"No, you're warm enough." She said contently, snuggling into me more.

I hugged her closer to my body and laid us on the couch, "your personal heater." I said chuckling

She blushed and snuggled into me once more.

By the time Caleb and Sarah got back, their shirts were crumpled and their hair was messy. But they brought three bowls of popcorn, so none said anything other than throwing them knowing smiles and winks in their direction.

"We decided on The hangover," Jake said


We ended up leaving at seven because it was a school night, and the weekend was over.

"Thanks for coming over guys, it was fun," Jude said standing by the doorway.

River went up to her and gave her a tight hug, "I'm glad you're okay Juju."

Jude smiled down at her and waved her hand dismissively saying, "you're the only one who gets away with calling me that."

We stayed by the doorway for half an hour 'saying goodbye', then eventually left realizing how long we'd been standing there chatting.

River and I were on our way to her house, I was going to stay over.

Lacing our fingers, she said breaking the comfortable silence, "My parents are home." with a smile on her face.

"Oh that's nice it's been a while since I've last seen them."

It was true, they weren't always present just like my parents. But we both knew that everything they do is for our sake.

Once we reached her house, we walked hand in hand, removed our shoes, and went to see where her parents were.

They were in the dining room having dinner, when we walked in they stopped their conversation and turned to us smiling.

I let go of her hand and went to shake their hands while River hugged them.

"It's nice to see you again son," Her dad Morgan said smiling

"You too sir," I clasped my hand back with Rivers.

This didn't go unnoticed by her parents who shared a knowing look with each other.

Her mother Julia cleared her throat saying, "are you kids not hungry?"

They sat down while River and I shook our heads, "we ate at Jude's, we're gonna head up now. Noah's staying the night."

They nodded already used to having me over. Anyways, River and I had spare clothes in each other's houses and extra school supplies in our lockers in case we left our bag, so we were covered.

We went up to her room, brushed our teeth, and changed.

I was laying in her king-sized bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

She came out, shut the lights, climbed in bed over to my side, and pulled the fluffy white duvet over us.

I wrapped my arms around her and she hugged me and snuggled into me more.

I moved one under her shirt and place my palm over her stomach, "How're you feeling baby?" I asked softly.

"It hurts, but the warmth soothes it," she mumbled putting her hand over mine that was resting on her.

"Sleep, we gotta wake up early tomorrow and you need to rest."

She hummed and after a few minutes, she was out. I followed shortly after.

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