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I fell for you, and I am still falling

Noah's pov

Once we arrived at the beach I parked my Jeep and reached behind me to grab the picnic basket I brought.

River got out of the car and walked over to me. When she was in front of me, she went on her tiptoes and gave me another innocent peck on the lips.

I smirked down at her, my lovely girl. I pulled her closer with an arm around her small waist and pulled her in for another kiss.

We couldn't get enough of each other. Pulling away only to clasp our hands together.

River was evidently excited, pulling me towards the beach.

"Slow down there baby, the beach isn't going anywhere," I said teasingly.

She bit her pouty lips in embarrassment. "I just wanna find a good spot Noah," she said groaning.

I laughed at her cuteness and pulled her towards a part of the beach not many people were at.

Thankfully we came at a time it wasn't crowded, only a couple of teenagers and adults.

"Noah can you please hold the end of this" She gestured towards the blanket-rug-like cloth that we're gonna sit on.

I nodded and helped her set the place up.

"This looks nice." River said, taking a picture of the things we set up and put her phone away.

She looked up at me excitedly, the sun illuminating her sea-blue eyes. "But you know what looks even better?"

"You, with your dress off," I said seriously.

She giggled and hit my chest playfully, "No silly, the water." She said pointing at the waves.

She started removing her dress, I followed suit by removing my tank top.

I chucked my shirt next to our things and when I looked at her my trunks suddenly felt tight.

River was absolutely fucking gorgeous. And all mine. She was so utterly oblivious to her beauty; inside-out.

Her dainty shoulders, collar bones that drove me insane, her small waist, plush thighs that I loved having wrapped around me. Everything about her was perfect to me.

It seemed that I had the same effect on her, as she looked at me dazed.

Unable to control myself self I grabbed her by the hips and said, "Jump."

She immediately got the message and did. Wrapping her arms around my neck as I carried her towards the sea to calm ourselves before we did something deemed publicly inappropriate.

Once the cool water hit us, River squealed and held on to me tighter as I pulled her closer to me by the waist.

"This feels nice," I said. It had been too long since we last came to the beach.

I suddenly felt a splash on my face and felt River swim away from me giggling.

"Oh you better start swimming away," I said playfully warning her.

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