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Your arms feel more like home

than my house ever did

River's pov

I woke up to the feel of something soft tickling my nose. Opening my eyes, groaning because of the sunlight coming through the slit of the dark blue curtains. Looking down to see the source of the ticklish feeling that woke me up, I smiled at the sight.

Noah was snuggling into me, his head on my chest and soft curls brushing against my nose. I leaned forward and pecked his head. His hair smelled so good.

I moved to get up but he tightened his arms around me groaning and hugging me closer to him.

Sighing softly, I carefully moved his arms and pushed his head gently laying it on the pillow beside him. I walked to the bathroom connected to his bedroom, did my morning routine; washed my face, teeth, and brushed my hair. Looking at my reflection in the mirror I got a bit sun-kissed. Light freckles now dotted the bridge of my nose and cheeks.

"Are you done?" An amused voice sounded from the door.

I looked towards him, he was smiling softly at me. Shirtless and his hair was disheveled but he still managed to look drool-worthy.

He walked over to me and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips.

I blushed causing him to chuckle. He stood behind me and reached to grab his toothbrush. While he was doing his thing I bit my lip admiring him. His tough jaw with a two-day stubble and messy hair.

"If you keep staring at me like that River I'll take you against the counter." He said huskily.

I gaped at him red-faced through the mirror and hit him lightly on the arm.

He shook his head and finished brushing his teeth. I turned around and laid my hands on his firm chest and leaned up to kiss him. He leaned down to meet me halfway and lightly wrapped a hand around my neck and the other around my waist and pressed his soft lips against mine. His lips molded against mine and I moaned when he slipped his tongue in.

I pulled away to catch my breath while trailed his nose along the length of my neck. "your collar bones drive me nuts," He placed a wet kiss behind my ear, then another near my collar bones.

I let out a breathy moan when he started biting and kissing my neck. After a while of him bombarding my neck with his kisses, I laced my fingers through his hair and pulled him towards my face, and shared a bruising kiss that left us both breathless.

"I'll never get used to doing that," I said looking up at his beautiful face.

He laughed and nodded his head, "neither am I."

The sound of my phone going off came through, interrupting us.

I ran to the bedroom and picked my phone that was on the side-table, "hello?" I answered sitting back on the bed.

"Hey Ri, where are you right now?" Noah plopped himself on the bed and tilted his head to the side in question. I couldn't help myself with a peck on his lips; he looked too adorable.

"It's Sarah," I whispered. He nodded in understanding and pulled me onto his lap.

I squealed forgetting altogether that Sarah was on the phone.

"Ah, I guess that's my answer," She said with an amused voice.

I blushed and put her on speaker.

"Sup Sarah," Noah said while rubbing his nose into my neck, causing me to burst into a fit of giggles at its ticklish feelings.

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