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The best feeling is when you look at him
& he's already looking

River's pov

The next morning I woke up feeling much better, despite my cramps and nightmare. We showered, separately unbeknownst to Noah's dismay, and got ready for school.

I dressed in a long-sleeved blue striped shirt tucked in high-waisted jeans with a thin black belt and a pair of white Nikes. I looked over at Noah to see him already ready sitting on the already made bed, wearing a fitted black shirt with dark jeans and sneakers, hands adorned with silver rings.

He could be wearing a trash bag and still look drool-worthy.

Noticing my stare he smirked showing his white teeth, "Like what you see baby?"

I blushed and nodded, "I'm jealous, you can look good in anything." Of course, I was just kidding, I wasn't actually jealous, just wanted to divert the topic.

"Trust me babe, If there's anyone who can pull anything off, It's you." He said standing up and walking over to me, leaned down and kissed my still pink cheek, and whispered, "Plus I'm happy you like the way I look, you'll be seeing this for a long long while."

I looked up at him and I swear my heart was going to burst from my chest. I shook my head smiling and went on my tiptoes to hug him. He wrapped his arms around me and-

Suddenly the door swung open, "KIDS-"

We turned to the now open door, where my mom stood with her mouth open in an 'O' shape. She flushed looking at us in each other's arms.

Thankfully my dad came into the door frame, pulled her away, and said, "We just wanted to call you guys down for breakfast," They went downstairs with knowing smiles on their faces.

Noah and I laughed and decided to have breakfast with my parents instead of drive-through Starbucks since I don't always get to see them.

Once we were seated around the kitchen counter, mom gave us both a plate of her delicious homemade pancakes.

I was pouring honey on both Noah's and my pancakes when my mom said, "We're leaving soon honey,"

Noah squeezed my hand from under the table.

"Oh," I swallowed. "When?"

"In the afternoon," my dad said, taking a sip of his tea.

Nodding, "at least I got to see you guys, yeah?" I said smiling weakly.

They both smiled at me sadly and gave me a kiss on the cheek promising they'll call.

I love my parents, I was grateful for everything they did for me, I just wished I got to see them more often.

Noah nudged me.

I looked at him and saw that he was pointing a fork at my mouth with a piece of pancake.

I blushed at his antics but opened my mouth nonetheless. He always knew how to cheer me up.


After breakfast with my parents, we said our goodbyes and we went to school.

We reached school, Noah parked the car and we got out. Walking hand in hand to where our friends were.

"You good babe?" Noah asked glancing down at me.

His eyes held a knowing look in them, "Yeah, I mean I have you" I said smiling bashfully.

The truth is, yes I am bummed out that my parents are leaving again, and he knows it. But at the same time, I truly am grateful for everything they do for me. On the other hand, what I told Noah is true too. I don't know what It would've been like for me if he weren't there.

He smiled and brought my hand to his lips and kissed it.

By the time we reached our friends, I was in a better mood.

They were sitting in the library talking quietly amongst themselves, Sarah and Caleb hovering over a textbook whilst she was explaining something to him. Jude and Jake were talking to a classmate about something inaudible to us.

When they saw us walk in they waved over at us. The girls stopped what they were doing and came to me.

Noah took his cue and went over to the guys.

"Hey guys," I said hugging them.

They smiled at me and Jude went on to tell us about her taking an early leave from school for her check-up at the hospital.

"Keep us in the know," Sarah said worriedly.

I nodded and wrapped my arms around her waist. "I hope it isn't anything serious, Jude."

She waved dismissively, "I'm a tough cookie, plus I have the best support system in case it is serious." she winked at us.

The guys came over to us, I said hi to them and Noah looked at us weirdly. Well me and Jude, my arms were still wrapped around her waist.

She leaned down a little and whispered, "you can let go now Ri, lover boy over here is getting jelly."

I blushed and looked up to where Noah was still staring at us, and let go of Jude's slim waist.

"Jude," I said laughing.

She just rolled her eyes at me and pushed me over to him.

Once I was a few inches away from him, he wrapped his arms around me and said, "finally, I was starting to feel-"

I looked up at him, wondering why he stopped but he just shook his head as if realizing how ridiculous he sounded.

"You know.. you don't have to be jelly Noah," I said giggling softly.

He smirked down at him, leaning in to rub his nose against mine. Our minty breaths mingling, "damn right I don't."

We heard groans and pulled away to look at the source.

The way our friends were standing looking at us gave me a Deja vu feeling of the party.

"Dude, just ask her out already," Jake said.


"It's been a long time coming."

"You guys are basically married."

We all looked to Jude at her last comment.

Noah nodded, and looked to me, "Baby, wanna tell them or should I?"

Noah nodded, and looked to me, "Baby, wanna tell them or should I?"

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