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you are my beginning, middle, and end

Noah's pov

The chime of a text notification woke me from my deep slumber. As I was stretching I felt River shuffle closer to me.

Smiling I looked down at her splayed on my chest sleeping peacefully. She was only clad in my shirt. We had a long night; having had another round in the tub, we exhausted ourselves but with no complaints. If anything, I learned that my little baby was as insatiable as me when it comes to each other.

My phone went off again causing me to break my train of thought. Frowning I reached over to the side table, careful not to wake River who was nestled on my chest. I didn't want to disrupt her sleep when I knew she was really worn out.

Caressing the soft skin of her back where the shirt rode up, I opened my phone and it started ringing. Cursing I answered it, "this better be good," I whispered harshly.

"Well hello to you too, son." My father's amused voice sounded.

I cleared my throat, "hey dad, sorry I didn't know it was you."

He chuckled, "your mom and I will be coming home soon for a few days, I'm guessing you're not there now."

Running my fingers through my hair, "yeah I'm at-"

"River's I know. Is that why you're whispering? Bring her along with you, we'll be arriving tonight. it's been a while we've last seen your sweetheart."

"It's been a while since you've last seen us, dad," I joked.

"Touché, you know it's all for you son." He said, making me smile.

"And I appreciate it. I appreciate both of you." I admitted.

Alexander Arlington was a hardworking man who did everything for his family. That's the type of man my father is.

"Anyways," he said and I could hear the smile in his voice. "We'll see you both at sev-"

"Noah?" River asked groggily burying her head deeper in my chest as she hugged me in her sleep. A smile broke my face as I stared down at her adorable self; her lips in a cute pout. I leaned down and kissed the crown of her head.

"Hey baby," I said softly, brushing down her hair with my fingers.

She grabbed my hand and brought it down to her lips and kissed it. Now fully awake she stared up at me with a beautiful blush on her face.

I grinned and nudged my nose against hers as she let out a giggle.

The sound of a throat being cleared surprised me for a second, reminding me my dad was still on the call.

Chuckling he said, "It seems nothing has changed. She still has you wrapped around her tiny pinky."

I bit my lip as I didn't comment because he's right. River tilted her head to the side and pouted. I shook my head at her cuteness and caressed the back of her neck. Wincing as she moved to sit on my lap as I leaned against the headboard.

Worried I gripped her hip with my hand, she shook her head and rest it on my shoulder as she wrapped her arms around my neck loosely.

"Looks like you're distracted. As I was saying," River's head shot up at the sound of my dad and she looked up at me smiling.

I nodded smiling down at her, "yeah sorry dad, we'll see you at seven?"

She gasped in excitement making me laugh, "yes son. Is someone excited to see us?" He asked in amusement.

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