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All that you are is all that I'll ever need


Noah's pov

I couldn't keep my hands off of her. This small, smart, and beautiful little girl was mine. I've always dreamt to know what it would be like, to have the one person who occupies your thoughts 24/7 to be yours. I was on cloud nine. She wanted me as much as I did her.

We were currently sitting in the cafeteria with me nuzzling her neck, arms wrapped around her small frame, waiting for the rest of our friends to come since we finished earlier. My beautiful baby was doing her homework; ever the good girl.

"Noah", she whined, causing me to momentarily pause my nuzzling, only to see her lips pulled into a pout.

I smiled down at her, cute and all. then said, "What does my little girl want, hmm?"

She blushed, sucking her bottom lip in. I tapped her chin with a 'tsk'.

She pushed away from my hand bashfully, "Can you help me with this question please?"

So sweet.

I nodded, "sure, which one?" I leaned over and scanned the equation she was pointing at.

After a few minutes of explaining, she finally got it. River was a quick learner, she was a senior at 17 because of her advanced classes.

She gave me a peck on the cheek after she was done, then pulled out a familiar pack of candies from her black bag.

I gasped dramatically.

She giggled, opening the pack and placing one pink ringed candy in my mouth.

"We should go out on a date soon."

She perked up at this, "can we go to the beach?"

The thing about River was that she absolutely loved going to the sea, so did I, but how could I refuse her anyway?

"Sure baby, how about on the weekend?"

She paused for a second then nodded, feeding me yet another piece of candy.

River was staring at me for a while, I smirked at her, "see something you like?"

What she did next shocked me. We were sitting on the cafeteria bench when she crawled on my lap and straddled me.

She nodded, pausing for a while staring up at me with her beautiful eyes, "I can't believe you want me." She said face flushing, then looked down.

I couldn't believe my ears. I gently cupped her soft reddened cheeks, my hands engulfing her pretty face, and said, "baby, I know we just made it official but you're it for me. I've wanted you for the longest time.

"I don't only want you, but I want you forever if you'd have me."

I put a loose stand of the soft blonde lock behind her ear. If I had to reassure my little love that I wanted her, we would have always for me to do that.

She gasped, her blue eyes widening and flung her lithe arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

I hugged her just as tightly and inhaled her vanilla soaped scent.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" The familiar voice of Caleb cut in, followed by a smack and shushing from Sarah.

We pulled apart a little and River turned to sit sideways on my lap, to sit on only one thigh. Which I didn't mind since she was light.

Jude gasped and came over to our side and sat down, narrowing her eyes at me "what did you do?" She asked accusingly.

I gave her a confused look, then looked down to see River's eyes rimmed with red.

I sighed and wrapped my hand around the back of her neck and tucked her in mine, while the other was rubbing her back soothingly.

"You mean the world to me baby, you know that. You're my little girl forever aren't you?" I leaned in to whisper, then gave her a chaste kiss behind her ear.

She let out a small gasp, looked up, and blushed.

I tilted my head and gently squeezed her neck, "hmm?"

She bit her lip then nodded shyly, "yes, I am."

"Good girl."

She then looked over at Jude, "I'm okay Juju."

She gave her the 'we'll talk later' look, to which River nodded.

"Wait, Jude don't you have your doctor's appointment today?" Jake asked while shoving fries up his mouth.

Jude looked at him laughing and nodded, "yeah I'm not attending last period bitches!"

We laughed at that shaking our heads.

"Keep us in the know tho, yea?" Sarah said worriedly.

She nodded, saying not to worry.

I felt a gentle tug at the bottom of my shirt and looked down to see River smiling; a sight that would always pull at my heartstrings.

"You know you mean the world to me too Noah, right?" She whispered at me.

I nodded, "I do baby, I do."

River wasn't as vocal as me when it came to expressing the way we felt about each other. But I knew we were on the same page. Actions speak louder than words.

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