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I want you so bad

River's pov

I woke up before Noah who had his arms wrapped around me like a vice. Turning around in his hold, I smile at his adorable sleeping state.

His soft curls were matted against the white pillow because he didn't dry it after last night's shower. I blushed remembering the way his body felt on mine.

Tracing his red lips distractedly. He smiled sleepily at my touch as I moved to caress his cheeks.

My ring caught the light coming through the slit of the curtains causing my eyes to widen. I remembered what I went to get in the mall while Noah was waiting for me.

After I bought the roses, I went into the same shop Noah made my ring and picked up the one I custom-made him. It was a simple silver band that had my initials R.C. carved into it.

It wasn't the official one yet, like mine, but I wanted to give him one too.

Leaning in, I give him a soft peck, "I'll be right back,"

He groaned tightening his arms, "No, stay." His deep baritone morning voice was giving me butterflies.

I brush his curls back, "I just wanna grab something, I promise I'll be quick."

Noah said I was clingy in the morning, seems like we're cut from the same cloth.

Opening his beautiful eyes, "fine, give me a kiss first."

I laughing, but lean forward and press a sweet kiss to his awaiting lips.

He loosens his arms and I go to the bathroom to freshen up quickly.

Going back into the room I pick up my discarded jeans that were thrown over to the other side of the room hastily in the throes of pleasure.

I pat the pocket of my jeans and pull out the matte black box and walk over to Noah's sleeping form.

"Noah," I say tracing his back muscles, "I got you something..."

He turns over, opening his eyes.

They widen when they see the box in my hand. I open it to reveal the engraved silver ring.

I took his hand in mine and slid the ring in his fourth finger.

"I love it, thank you, baby," He croaked, voice full of emotion.

Glancing up at him, his eyes were watery.

"I love you," I said softly, smiling at him.

He pulled me into his lap and hugged me tightly to his chest, swaying us side to side.

I sigh happily, as I snuggle into him. 

"We have to get ready soon..." he mumbles softly, then continues, "but I don't want to. I just wanna be in this happy bubble with you. No one else, just us."

Giggling, I move away and cup his face, "I want that too, but, they're going to be here soon, and, we haven't seen them in a while."

Pouting as I caress his cheeks, amusement flashed in his eyes as he leaned in to kiss me.

"Let's get ready," he says hotly against my lips, "before I take you away, and keep you all to myself."

Blushing, I look up into his green eyes, "who said I'd mind?"

Heat flared in his beautiful orbs as he gazed back at me.

He wrapped a hand around my throat gently, and I felt my cheeks blush even more.

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