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you have the sweetest soul

I have ever seen

River's pov

Waking up the next morning, I untangled myself from Noah and hurried to the bathroom ignoring the pain I felt in between my legs. Finally emptying my bladder, I look down and see blood. Groaning, such great timing, I quickly grab a tampon, do my business, and went back to the room.

I won't let my cramps ruin today, I promised myself. Feeling excited as today was Jude's birthday, which meant finally giving her the presents and the slumber party. Noah wasn't excited about the latter, but he was going just for me.

Walking into the room I see Noah already up, scrolling through his phone. I smiled seeing his disheveled but handsome face. Once he noticed me he dropped his phone on the bed and leaned forward to pull me on his lap.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," I said, running my fingers through his hair.

He hugged me to his chest, "morning, baby." He said, voice deeper than usual, as he just woke up.

I smiled softly as he buried his head deeper into my chest and tightened his arms around me.

We stayed in each other's embrace till the smell of yummy food got us out of bed.

Noah went to the bathroom to do his business as I waited for him in the room. I grabbed my phone to send Jude a quick 'Happy Birthday' text. 

He walked out, putting on a shirt then leaned down, and pecked me. I got off the bed, went on my tiptoes as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back. I bit his lip, as I slid my tongue in.

He moaned and held me closer to his body as we continued to makeout.

Pulling away, slightly out of breath, he said, "Baby, let's go down before we never leave this room."

I nodded in a bashful daze. Before we left the room I made sure to zip up Noah's grey jacket that I was wearing to cover up my bruised self. It was more of a dress on me, as it reached my knees and its sleeves went past my palms and kept me warm.

Walking into the kitchen, there sat Alex and Faith drinking their tea.

They looked up upon our arrival and gave us knowing smiles.

"Good morning kids. Something tells me you guys had a long night." Alex said cheekily, taking a bite of his french toast.

Bashful, I look away, as I hid behind Noah's arm which I clutched. He cleared his throat, trying to divert the attention away.

Thankfully Faith spoke up, "shush, leave the kids alone. Come on and sit, I made french toast with tea."

I made a move to sit beside Faith, but Noah had other plans. He pulled me onto his lap, making me squeal.

I turned sideways, red-faced, and look up at him, "Noah,"

He looks down at me innocently, "yes baby?"

His parents laugh, and Faith puts three French toasts onto a plate and hands it to us. I take it, thanking her as Noah pours me tea, adding milk to it with sugar.

Drinking it, I sighed, loving the feeling of something warm in my system. It soothed my stomach slightly.

As Noah started eating, his parents resumed their conversation.

He gently nudged my thigh and signaled me to open my mouth so he could also feed me some French toast.

I did as he told me and opened my mouth as he fed me. It was slightly crunchy and sweet. After a couple of bites, I was full.

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