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My heart is so full of you

I can hardly call it my own

River's pov

Arriving at Sarah's two-story reddish-brown colored house, I knocked on the door while Noah carried the paper bag of yummy pastries in one hand, and held my hand with the other.

The door opened to reveal a grinning Sarah, "Come on in you guys." Hugging Noah and I.

Sarah's home was cozy; creamy-colored carpeted floors, low chandeliers, and high ceilings. Her mother was an interior designer and her father was a proud, hardworking Syrian man.

"Parents aren't home." She answered my unasked question, while we walked into the kitchen to place the pastries on the colored plates she put out.

I looked around nodding. When my eyes landed back on Sarah I gushed, "I love your dress," She was wearing a flowy blue off-the-shoulder dress.

She blew me a kiss and said winking, "look who's talking. Also thank you guys didn't have to bring anything, much appreciated"

Noah pointed at me playfully. I laughed and pushed him lightly.

"It wasn't a problem. Where is everyone else?" He asked looking around.

She pointed to the back with her thumb. "They're all in the backyard. Here take these with you, I'll be back there with lemonade." She handed over the plates, we took them and walked over to the door connected to the kitchen leading us to her backyard.

The rest of our friends were sitting on the outdoor beige leather couches, around a round wood table. It was already full of different foods; pizza, sushi, homemade macaroni, fries, and fruits.

"Look who decided to join us," Jake said getting up to hug us.

"This looks good," Noah commented, nodding his head towards the table.

Jude grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit next to her.

She was wearing an oversized BTS shirt paired with skinny jeans.

I smiled knowing how much she loved the Korean band.

"I got my test results." The smile on my face wavered and I felt my heart speed up.

"And? Is everything okay..." I asked anxiously.

She gave me a small smile and said, "Everything's fine I just need to take iron supplements. It turns out I have a deficiency."

I stared at her for a moment, then hugged her hard. Knowing that she had iron deficiency made me sad. My mother and sister had that, and I know firsthand what it's like when they feel faint and tired.

"You're going to be okay. You're gonna be fine." I said voice muffled against her shirt.

Jude laughed and pulled away, "I know I am silly. When my mom found out she cried."

I pouted, "I don't blame her."

"I just have to be careful and take my meds on time." She said.

I leaned over and reached for the bowl of sliced apples, "here, eat these they're good for you."

Jude playfully rolled her eyes and took some and started munching on it.

"Guys," Sarah said walking over to us carrying a tray with pink lemonades on it.

Caleb went over to take the tray from her, and she gave him a peck in thanks.

"They're so cute." I giggled.

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