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He had the kind of eyes you could get lost in and I guess I did

The first day was finally over, and they already had so much work to do.

It was unbelievable, River thought. She couldn't wait to get home and rest.

Noah dropped her off and promised to come back at night when River asked if he could stay.

He had work, which was at a garage for repairing cars.

River hugged him and ran up to her porch and went in. She heard Noah leave as she shut the door.

"Mom? Dad?" She yelled.

No response. She sighed, they have stuck at work again. She rarely got to see them, only sometimes in the mornings for a few minutes if she were lucky.

She went up to her room, showered, and changed into a long shirt which was more like a dress, looked down, and realized it was Noah's. She skipped dinner to start on her homework since she wasn't hungry.

Just as she finished her last homework, her phone rang. She saw the name on the screen and squealed.

"Hey, lil sis." Said Jenna, her sister who was four years older than her.

"Hey, Jen." River missed her older sister dearly. She lived in Dubai with her husband Mathew.

"How was your first day," Her sister asked. They continued talking until the doorbell rang.

Ending the call after saying goodbye, she ran downstairs and opened the door.

Noah's words died in his throat at the sight of her. She was clad in one of his shirts which reached her knees considering the height difference.

He just scooped her up in his arms, closed the door, and ran up to her room, all the while she was squealing latching onto him like a koala.

He lay them both down but not before removing his shoes.

"How was work?" River asked.

"Same old same old."

He nuzzled his head in her neck and sighed.

River ran her hands through his soft curls and after awhile his soft snores were heard.

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