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I will always care for you
even if we're not together
even if we're far away from each other

The next day they walked into school Sarah and Jude snatched River from Noah's arms and walked away.

She barely got to say bye.

Noah nodded at her reassuringly then went to his friends.

She got a text a second after they were gone. It was from Noah, saying he'll see her at lunch.

She smiled and turned to her friends confused, "what's with the rush guys?"

Sarah just grinned and Jude said, "we've got some tea."

She laughed and they continued walking to their next class.

After they sat down, Jude looked at Sarah who was blushing.

Jude rolled her eyes since Sarah wasn't saying anything "Caleb finally asked her out!"

River squealed and hugged Sarah, "Oh my! finally," Sarah blushed even more and started playing with her brown curls.

Sarah has had a thing for Caleb since our junior year. As it turns out, he felt the same way.

"We can go on double dates now," Sarah said excitedly.

River giggled and just shook her head at her.

Jude just stared at her.

"When are you guys gonna make it official, Riri?" Sarah asked.

"He doesn't see me that way guys," She denied.

The girls just shook their heads at her.

Jude got an idea and said, "If you don't believe us then we'll show you."

Sarah and her looked at each other with mischief in their eyes.

River just crossed her arms, ignored them, and waited for class to start.


It was finally lunchtime, Noah said he's gonna be late. So the three girls walked to the cafeteria together.

River sat down and munched on her cut peaches, so engrossed she didn't realize someone came and sat down next to her on the cafeteria bench.

She turned and looked surprised to see Nathan, a boy who was in her calculus class.

"Uh, hi," Nathan said shyly, River smiled with a small wave.

"Hey," She said softly with a questioning look in her gaze.

"I, uh was wondering if-" He was abruptly cut off by Noah.


Noah walked into the cafeteria looking for his beautiful angel.

He smiled when he found her sitting at the far back of the cafeteria.

Suddenly his smile vanished when he saw who sat next to her.

Some boy who was flushed in the face, obviously into his girl.

River, of course sat confused and oblivious to the feelings of the stuttering boy in front of her.

And yes, although River and Noah didn't have a label, everyone knew she was his, and he was hers.

He remembered the conversation he had with his friends about him needing to make her officially his before someone snatched her away from him.

He scoffed, as if. They could try, but it was never gonna happen. Nothing and no one could ever take him away from her.

He stormed towards them, sat down, and pulled River over his lap.

She squealed and blushed, "who's this, baby?" emphasizing the nickname he gave her as if hinting to the poor boy to back off.

She introduced them, and Nathan stuttered, "I, uh should get going,"  and scrambled away.

River, confused as to what just happened turned to Noah and said, "that was weird."

Noah laughed and smiled at her sweet innocence.

He lightly kissed her neck, making her blush and squirm on his lap.

He groaned and held her tighter around the waist and said, "don't, babe."

By the time the girls got back River was full-on flushed and was looking at her fingers.

Jude cleared her throat and shared a knowing glance with Sarah who was smirking.

They sat down, and the rest of the gang showed up.

Caleb sat next to Sarah and wrapped an arm around her shoulders with a kiss on her cheek.

They're so cute, River thought.

"So guys there's a party this weekend at the house of one of our teammates," Jake said excitedly.

"Yeah I heard, we should totally go," Jude said just as excitedly, the rest of the group nodded in agreement.

River looked at Noah who was already staring at her.

He knew her better than anyone else. He leaned over and whispered, "If you're not up for it, we don't have to go."

She just shook her head saying, "It's our senior year, I made a promise to myself to try to do things out of my comfort zone."

It wasn't her first time going to a party, but she just didn't like crowds much. She loved dancing though.

Noah just nodded and kissed her soft cheek, which turned pink at the contact.

He just smirked and continued to talk to his friends, not before lacing their fingers.

River looked down and couldn't help but marvel at their size difference, Noah's hand engulfed hers.

She just giggled softly and kissed the back of his hand, causing him to squeeze it.

She just giggled softly and kissed the back of his hand, causing him to squeeze it

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