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I love you so more than just the moon and back 

River's pov

I felt like I was floating and this was somehow all a dream I wasn't willing to wake up from. Looking down at my fingers and now the ring that adorned it. I twisted the ring as if to make sure it's real.

Noah really shook me; in a really really lovely way.

He chuckled noticing my dreamlike state of mind and hugged me. We were just finishing up making our brunch which consisted of roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, some olive oil, and garlic all on toast; simple but yummy.

We ended up moving to the living room to sit on the couch in front of the television, I was perched on Noah's lap feeding him the rest of my toast which I couldn't finish. Noah was long done eating.

He frowned at me, but ate it anyway, "baby you should eat more."

"I'm full though," I said pouting up at him, as I wiped the edges of his mouth with a napkin.

He slid his hand under my shirt, "but we worked out a sweat." he said caressing my tummy softly.

I giggled bashfully hiding my face in his neck.

Noah slipped  his other hand behind my neck and squeezed it gently, as he whispered hotly in my ear, "one would think it impossible to be shy after what we just did baby..."

The sound of Noah's phone ringing saved me from my shyness. The truth of the matter was, Noah would always make me blush, no matter what- no matter where. Every time he was near me, I get butterflies. It was what it was.

I moved away slightly to look at him as he answered his phone and furrowed his brows listening to the person talk.

He absentmindedly started playing with my hair as he listened, making me smile up at him.

Not being able to resist myself, I leaned in and pecked his freshly shaved jaw. He bit his lip as his green eyes darkened while they stared into mine.

I giggled and mouthed a 'sorry' to him. He quickly ended the call with a few words and turned his attention to me.

"That was Caleb baby, he asked if we wanted to come over and maybe swim since last time we didn't get to."

Perking up at the sound of swimming, "only if you want to," I replied demurely.

Noah nodded knowingly as he tapped my butt signaling me to get up.

"Let's get ready baby, everyone will be there too," he said getting up as we cleaned the kitchen and living room.

Once we got back to the room I wasted no time changing into my pink bikini with butterflies, I was about to cover up covered up with a pair of white loose pants and a sweatshirt that I laid on the bed when I heard Noah groaning.

Turning to look at him my face flushed as I took in his toned body. He was clad only in his red swimming shorts.

"Come here," he said huskily.

I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his tapered waist and arms around his neck. He gripped my thighs and moved his hands to my ass and squeezed it, making me squeal.

Leaning closer to his face, it started off as a peck, which turned into a makeout session, then one thing lead to another...

We arrived at Caleb's three-story house an hour later than planned. Everyone was already in their swimwear by the pool.

The girls were tanning, they got up and ran to me when they saw we had arrived.

Noah kissed my forehead, nodded towards the girls who waved at him, and walked over to the guys who were grilling and flipping patties.

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