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Every atom of me belongs to you

Noah's pov

The morning after the reunion of our families, I wake up before River who was snuggled up against me. Smiling as I press a kiss to her soft hair that is splayed over the pillows.

I continue pressing kisses all over her face, rousing her from her slumber.

She lets out a soft whine and presses her small self closer to me by swinging a smooth pale leg over my waist making me smile at her clinginess.

Knowing how tired she must be from staying up late talking to her sister, I take River in my arms and walk us to the connected bathroom. Slipping my hand under her shirt to rub her back. God was she soft. All over.

Slowly, I set her on the counter as she clings to me. I press my face into her lithe neck inhaling her sweet vanilla scent while placing kisses along her soft skin.

I pull away slightly, "Open your eyes, my love."

Her long lashes flutter open as she sleepily looks up at me, rubbing her eyes.

Openly cooing at her adorableness, she blushes.

"You're my adorable little love, aren't you?" I say, brushing our noses against each other.

River giggles as she nods, bashfully pressing her face against my bare chest.

We do our usual morning routine and leave the bathroom to get dressed for school. I took a pair of light-washed Levi's, a white shirt, and a black hoodie out of my section in River's closet.

After slipping on my rings I run a hand through my hair, turning around to River. I smile, skimming her petite form dressed in a matching beige long sleeve and ruffle skirt.

"My pretty doll," I say, cupping her soft cheeks which turn rosy under my touch. She bites her lip bashfully, then goes on her tiptoes and pressed a loving kiss to my lips. My arms go around her small waist pulling her flush to my chest as she slides her hands into my hair. My tongue caresses hers as we can taste the mint in each other's mouth.

We have to pull away all too soon to catch our breaths, as I lean down to rest my forehead against hers.

"Kids! breakfast is ready, come down," River's mom, Julia, yells from the kitchen.

"Coming!" River tells her, still looking up at me. She smiles, leaning up to give me one last peck, but I gently hold her neck, wanting more.

She holds my wrist, moaning, as I continue exploring her mouth with mine.

"God damn, I can't get enough of you baby, I can't," I mumble against her lips.

River hides her face in my chest bashfully, wrapping her arms around my waist, hugging me.

"I love you," she says quietly, her face pressed to my chest, voice muffled, making me smile place a kiss on her head.

We walk out of the room after River fixes my disheveled hair bashfully before we head downstairs.

The smell of coffee and something sweet wafted up to my nose, and surely once we reached the kitchen Julia plated the freshly baked muffins onto a marble white platter.

River squealed, "Yes! I've missed having these."

"Good morning kiddos," Morgan said amusedly, looking up from his MacBook.

Her mother smiled, "C'mon kids, sit down," As she handed us a plate knowing how we liked to share.

I sat down pulling River with me to sit on my lap, her parents gave us smiles as they began asking us about school and how everything was.

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