A/N :(

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Helloooooo my beautiful, handsome, intelligent, and lovely readers! 

The fact that I'm even writing this kinda embarrasses me. Alas, I felt the need to remind some people out there that plagiarism is not right (it's actually considered a crime fam). It's not fair to the author, nor is it fair to yourself. Writing should come from within. Be original, be authentic bro. 

I totally understand taking inspiration from other books and authors and whatnot. But stealing their plot and all? not cool. And changing the characters' names doesn't change it. 

Gonna keep it kind because this is a friendly, and fluffy environment. We come here to escape from reality and other BS going on in our lives, no need for drama yeah? 

So I'm not gonna mention names, you know who you are haha :( 

And LASTLY, to my loyal readers who always vote & comment, you know who you are, and so do I. Reading your feedback, your own stories, experiences, and thoughts on River and Noah warm my heart. They make my day, and I swear some of you make me laugh so hard.  I reaaaaaaaally love and appreciate you so so so so so freaking much, you have no clue.

I started finals (your girl's graduating soon!) but I'll be back before you know it, don't worry. Thanks for everything and for being patient with me:) 

love, debbah ♡

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