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How sweet it is

to be loved by you

River's pov

A couple of days have passed since Jude's birthday, and it was already Friday and classes had already ended. I was currently laying in bed with Noah whose head was resting on my chest, arms wrapped around me.

Running my fingers through his soft curls, he mumbles, "this is heaven."

I giggle and press a kiss to his hair which smelled like his manly shampoo.

He tightened his arms around me and started sucking on my neck. I closed my eyes and tilted my head to give him more room.

Moaning as he kept going, I tugged at his hair causing him to groan. He flipped us over so that I was laying above him now.

I moved to straddle him and that's when I felt him straining against his sweats. Noah and I longed for each other, and it had been a while since we were last together because of my period.

Now that it has ended tho-

I roll my hips causing us to moan at the same time. He gripped my hips in a possessive bruising grip as I kept grinding against him.

Kissing him as I continued, he trailed his fingers under his shirt that I was wearing and pulled away from my lips so he could tug it over my head.

Noah's pov

I felt precum oozing from the tip as I undressed my little vixen. Her perky breasts came to view as I pulled the shirt that was much too large on her. Groaning when I see her pink nipples, I quickly latch onto them, sucking and biting until they turned red.

All the while River was softly moaning and is grinding and tugging at my hair.

Just looking at her made me want to bust. I quickly rid us of our clothes and laid River as I sat between her legs and kissed my way down.

I pressed wet kisses along her collarbones and gave one last lick to her now red-sensitive nipples making her whimper, causing my hunger for her to flare.

Continuing down her flat tummy that caved in when I left a trail of hickies in its wake. I move her lithe thighs apart to where my pretty present lies.

She was all wet and smooth making my mouth water. I teased her more by pressing open-mouthed kisses to the insides of her thighs.

"Noah," she whined adorably.

I tightened my hold on her making her whimper, "patience baby. "

She rested on her elbows and looked down at me, biting her lip as she watched me go down on her. Pressing a kiss on her protruding pink clit, she whimpered again, throwing her head back.

I smirked against her then began sucking and licking her sweetness that was soaking my face. River was a writhing moaning mess as I was enjoying my dessert as though I was a starving man and she was the last meal.

River was tugging at my hair trying to pull me away from her now puffy lips, I relented after making her cum for the third time, still not satiated from her taste; wanting more.

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