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I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings

River's pov

"You guys are WHAT," Sarah and Jude screamed, forgetting that they were still at the library, people began sending them looks but didn't say anything.

The guys looked shocked.

I blushed and nudged Noah for causing this, "Calm down you guys..."

"Calm down? did she jus- CALM DOWN? seriously River?" Jude exclaimed still stunned.

Sarah nodded in agreement, equally surprised. "River. Honey, lover boy over here literally just said you guys are married. "

I shook my head laughing bashfully, embarrassed, and shy at the comment while Noah stood beside me with his arms around my waist looking smug at the chaos he caused.

"Yeah man, what the fuck?" Caleb said, amusement and delight shown in his brown orbs looking between the two of us back and forth.

Noah shook his head and began explaining, " When I was about nine and River was eight.."


A nine-year-old Noah was in his backyard lying on the grass reading a book when he saw a light blonde head walk over to him.

He looked over and saw his small, blonde best friend, she was small for her age. He grinned when he saw her and it widened when he saw her holding a pack of candies in the shape of rings. It was their absolute favorite.

"Mama said I could come over and play with you," The little girl said softly, standing in front of him.

He pulled her down and she squealed and fell on his lap.

Noah giggled and said excitedly, "you brought our favorite?"

River nodded enthusiastically, she opened the packet of candies and was pulling a pink one for Noah.

He patiently waited for her to give it to him, when she suddenly slipped the pink-sugary candy shaped like a ring, on his small finger.

Little Noah gasped and turned little River to face him, and pulled another ring out of the packet and slipped it on her even smaller finger, and started to smile wildly.

They looked at each other and started to giggle wildly.

Their mommy and daddy had matching rings and now they did too.

"Does this mean we're like mama and papa?" a bashful River asked.

Noah nodded and kissed her pink cheek, "exactly like mama and papa," he said happily.

"So basically, yes. River and I are married." Noah said nonchalantly.

I giggled, shaking my head at Noah's cheekiness, then hid my face on his hard chest.

"Wow," Jake said looking amused.

The girls were smiling and 'aw'ing.

Caleb nodded laughing, "honestly why are we surprised? the way you guys already act-" he stopped, shaking his head.

They all just laughed and resumed talking.

I looked up at Noah and whispered bashfully, "you remembered?"

He looked at me incredulously, "are you serious River?"

I shrugged and looked over at the girls who looked like they were listening in on our conversation, but acted as if they were talking to each other.

Noah suddenly wrapped a hand lightly around my neck.

I blushed at the contact and stared up into his beautiful forest eyes adorned with lush lashes.

"Baby," he groaned. "I've been yours ever since that day,"

My eyes widened at his statement and I felt my face get warmer, as I started to feel butterflies in my stomach.

"This has been a long time coming River," He gave me a smile that made me want to melt; the way his lips softly curved upwards and his cheekbones caved in. "will you be mine?" He asked softly.

By now, I felt like the whole goddamn zoo was inhabiting my body. I was quiet for some time; still shocked. This caused Noah to tilt his head and stare at me with a light blush coating his cheeks.

"I thought I already was," I said shyly.

Suddenly, he lifted me up and twirled me around, all the while I was squealing and laughing happily, forgetting that we were at the library. At this point, we didn't care.

He put me down and hugged me tightly. I snuggled into his chest and honestly felt so happy. Like over the moon. Knowing the person I like reciprocates my feelings is just-

"Um, sorry to interrupt but, we're going to start class soon," Jake said, looking between us with a knowing glint.

Noah nodded absentmindedly, leaned down, never one to care about PDA, and nudged his nose against mine; something that we are fond of doing, and often.

"Shit, he literally can't get enough of her..." Jude muttered.

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