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Deep blue but you painted me golden

Noah's pov

River was a blushing mess. We were currently at the mall, waiting in line at a cozy cafe for our turn to order.

And as promised, to go baby shopping.

I kept on teasing her about how adorable she looks. Dressed in high-waisted light-washed jeans and a tucked-in mint green cardigan with daisies on it.

"My adorable little baby," I cooed at her, relishing in the beautiful blush she gives me.

She hides her face in my chest, "Noah," she whines adorably, tugging at the ends of my light gray t-shirt.

I put my hands on each side of her lithe neck and cup her face to look up at me. Her eyes flutter open as she gazes up at me with her ocean blue eyes.

Brushing my nose against hers, I whisper to her, "you're so pretty, baby."

She pouts and gives me a peck.

"Next!" The girl at the counter says, looking at me weirdly.

I pay no mind to it, and turn to River, "What do you want, angel?" I ask, looking at her as I lace our fingers, patiently waiting.

"Hot chocolate, please," she says politely.

"One small hot chocolate, black coffee, and two croissants thank you," I tell the girl at the counter.

After paying, River and I go find a place to sit in the cozy cafe as we wait for our orders.

She moves towards a two-seater blue couch but I tug her in the direction of an armchair.

I sit down and pat my thigh, "come here, baby."

River bites her lip bashfully, then perches herself on me as she rests her head on my shoulder.

Wrapping my arms around her petite self, I lean back against the dark green armchair couch.

I look around and appreciate the interior of the place. It had a vintage aura to it.

The walls had built-in shelves that were filled with books and some of the people were actually reading. And the couches, armchairs, and sofas varied in size and color.

"Here you go, one small hot chocolate, black coffee, and two fresh croissants," the same girl from the counter says, holding a black tray then placing it on the wooden table in front of us.

"Thank you," River smiles at her.

The girl ignores her and looks at me, twirling her black curly hair.

"Can I get your number?" She asks shamelessly.

I stare at her blankly. Unimpressed. Not interested whatsoever.

River frowns at her and presses her back against me.

Tightening my arms around her thin waist, I pull her even closer as I turn her head to face me.

River understands what I'm doing and gladly follows. She leans in and we start kissing.

Giving that annoying pest a lesson. Next time a man or woman is clearly not interested, or very obviously taken, back the fuck off.

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