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You are  my favorite feeling

Noah's pov

The sound of my friends' laughter fills the air as the clock hits nine. I look down at River; she has a soft smile on her lips as she listens intently to something Jake is saying, which caused another round of chuckles.

We moved inside the house a little while back as the air was starting to get chilly. I felt River move against me and put her face in my neck.

I felt her yawn and a smile made its way to my face. I leaned down and gave a kiss on her head. murmuring a low, "wanna go home now baby?"

She hmmed and stifled a yawn. "you're so comfy."

I bit my lip, amused. "c'mon baby, I promise when we get home I'll give you all the cuddles you want."

"Hey you know you want it too," She said pouting.

I bit my lip nodding, "you know it, baby."

Standing up from the couch I pulled River up with me since she was on me and went to say bye to our friends.

On our way home I looked over to River, only to see her dozing off. I smiled down at her, reaching in the backseat while keeping my eyes on the road to grab my jacket and put it over her.

My thoughts went back to when she kept glancing at me at Sarah's, it made me want to haul her to my lap. She was my personal ball of sunshine, my River.

By the time we reached my house, I carried her up to my room with no struggle. She stirred awake when I laid her on the bed.

Her eyes fluttered open and she made grabby hands at me.

Chuckling I lifted her up in my arms, picked out clothes from my drawers, and walked us into the bathroom.

She tapped my arms and I let her down. We brushed our teeth and I gave River a shirt for her to wear.

Still, in sleepy mode, she lifted her shirt over her head and wore the one I gave her. Stiffening, I run a hand down my face.

I quickly changed and put our clothes in the hamper. Taking River back in my arms, she squealed and wrapped her lithe arms around my neck. I chuckled and nuzzled my face into her neck.

"That tickles Noah," she giggled and tugged at my hair to pull me from her neck.

I walked us over to the bed and sat with my back against the black headboard.

She sat perched on my lap, running her small hands through my hair, sleep gone from her mind.

Letting out a sigh, "that feels good baby."

She continued doing that till I felt like I was about to fall asleep then stopped.

I opened my eyes when I felt River reach to the side to get something. I realized It was her phone, I reached over and gave it to her since she couldn't reach it.

"Thanks," she said pecking me. My sweet sweet girl.

Her eyes widened and then looked up at me. She started saying something but I was too busy looking into her deep blues. She had the most beautiful eyes I've ever had the privilege of seeing.

Her bouncing on my lap brought me out of my thoughts. I shook my head and grabbed her hips to stop her.

"You weren't listening," she said pouting.

I gave her a chaste kiss on her pouty lips to turn it into a smile, which worked.

"Sorry baby, you distracted me." I bit my lip, refraining from tasting her lips till she said what she wanted to.

"I was saying, Jude's birthday is next week!" she said excitedly.

I stared at her waiting for her to continue.

When I didn't say anything she gaped at me, as if expecting me to say something.

"You might wanna close that mouth baby before I put something  in it."

She gasped and bashfully hid her face in my neck. "you can't just stay stuff like that,"

"And why is that? aren't you my little girl?" I said putting a hand behind her neck and stroked the soft skin.

"Because," she moved her face from my neck, face still flushed. "because it makes me feel tingly."

I felt all the blood rush in my region part. River felt it. She was sitting on my lap and let out a small gasp. 

She leaned forward and put her forehead on mine, rubbing our noses together. "Sorry."

I shook my nose against hers, "It's okay."

She said that because she isn't ready, and I didn't want to push her. My baby's feelings over mine any day.

"You were saying, it's Jude's birthday?" I said, changing the topic.

River bit her lip then answered, "I was thinking we could go to the mall tomorrow?"

I nodded and smiled softly at her, "anything for you."

Her eyes glittered as she stared at me adoringly and said, "I love you."

My heart soared in the chest, tightening. I stared into River's deep blues and said without a doubt in mind, "I love you."

She let out a giddy giggle and we started chucking. She wrapped her arms around me again, "I truly do not deserve you, Noah."

I smiled and gave a lingering kiss to her on the head.

Pulling away from her slightly to look at her face, she smiled softly up at me and I noticed her eyes tearing up as she bit her lip to stop it from trembling.

"No, no baby, don't cry." I swayed us from side to side to calm her down.

"It's just, you're too good. Like insanely too good. And you mean the world to me, Noah." She said quietly cupping my face. "I feel like I don't deserve you."

A wiped a few tears that slid and brought my lips to hers. "There is no other heart I would want  more than yours."

I brought her hand and placed it over my heart and held it there. "This, this right here, beats for you and only you."

She let out a mini gasp and bit her lip, eyes watering again, then placed a kiss on my lips. Leaning her forehead against mine she said, "I love you."

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