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She talks about him like he put the stars in the sky

They got out of the car and Noah handed over her bag, she took it and started to feel the butterflies and nervousness she usually got on her first day.

Noah looked over at her and laced their fingers, "hey, you okay?" He asked.

She blushed and nodded.

"If anyone bothers you, you tell me alright?" She kissed the back of his hand that was laced with hers as a way of saying thanks.

Noah and River began walking towards the gates of Eastwood high looking for their group. Not that River had many, she usually just stayed with Noah because of her shy nature. Not that Noah minded, he loved having her full attention.

Their names got called over, still hand in hand they walked over to their friends.

The group consisted of two guys and two girls. Jake and Caleb were with Noah on the football team, when they played last year. And Sarah and Jude who were River's friends.

"Hey, love birds," Jake said with a cheeky smile on his face causing River to blush and hide her face in Noah's clad chest.

The rest of the group cooed and Noah just laughed and said hi to them and they did their bro handshake.

The girls came up to River wiggling their brows at her.

She laughed and smiled shyly as she hugged them.

Slinging an arm around River's shoulders, "now I know how boyfriends feel," Jude says, pointing out the height difference between them; River was 5'2 and Jude was 5'7.

"Leave her alone Jude," Sarah said humorously, "not gonna lie though, It's cute," she continues.

Sarah refrained from commenting about the obvious height difference between River herself and Noah who was 6'2.

"Hey girls," Noah said, stepping behind River, wrapping his arms around her from behind, and resting his palms on her flat stomach.

She leaned her back comfortably against him.

He continues, saying, "stop bullying River."

The girls laugh, and Jude says, "we were just saying how cute River's height is, especially compared to you."

Sarah stifled a laugh. It seemed as if Jude had read her mind, since she just thought that.

Noah looked down at River and huffed a laugh, causing her to pout.

Seeing her pouty lips, Noah leaned down and kissed her soft cheek.

As if on cue, a beautiful blush coated her cheeks at the contact.

"Okay okay, we get it you guys are goals ugh," Caleb said as he snuck a glance at Sarah.

Jake was inclined to agree with him.

River just shook her head, she was used to the teasing of the group.

The bell rang signaling the students to get inside.

They all walked up to their lockers, thankfully River's was next to Sarah's.

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