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I can't move mountains for you
but we can climb them

River's pov

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived.  The music was so loud we could hear it from three blocks away.

The house was huge. It was white and three stories with a trimmed lawn. The place was so crowded, almost as if the entire student body were here.

I moved closer to Noah who was already holding my hand.

He looked down at me and said, "you okay baby?"

"Yeah, I'm good," I said, looking away.

Noah sighed and put an arm around my waist engulfing it and pulling me even closer.

Once we got inside the house the smell of the alcohol hit hard. I almost gagged.

Suddenly my hand was pulled and forced out of Noah's arms, who was talking to his old teammate who was hosting the party.

I looked to see Sarah pulling my hand to where everyone else was dancing. Jude was already dancing and looked at us and waved us over.

I looked over at Noah who just smiled and nodded at me and mouthed 'have fun' with a wink.

I laughed and let myself be pulled by Sarah.

The songs they were playing were good, not gonna lie.

"Oh my god River our song!" Jude all but screamed. It was yoncé by queen B.

I squealed as the music took over my body and I started moving my hips to the rhythm.

Music freed me.

Song after song, we kept dancing and laughing together, some of our classmates even joining us.

I was having so much fun dancing with the girls and laughing so hard at Sarah's dance moves.

Jude suddenly elbowed me, I stopped and looked at her with a 'what's wrong' face. I was flushed and panting from all the dancing.

She pointed with her head and I looked and saw Noah staring at me with a heated look in his eyes, as he bit his lips.

My face flushed even more, for a different reason this time.

I looked back at the girls and saw that they were grinning.

Suddenly a rush of confidence came over me and I walked up to Noah, smiling, as I took both his hands and wrapped them around me, and started dancing.

He bent down to put his lips to my ear. "you look so fucking good. You're driving me mad." He said huskily.

I blushed and started to move my body against his to the rhythm of the beat.

Noah's hands went down to my hips and pulled me even closer to the point where I could feel every part of his hard-muscled body, including his hard-on.

"See what you do to me baby, only you." He said.

I gasped looking up at him and blushed hard.

He moved one hand behind my neck and pressed his forehead against mine, breathing harshly.

"Noah," I said in an embarrassingly breathy voice.

"Guys Jude's OH-" Jake stops what he was saying.

A muscle feathered in his Noah's jaw.

I start pulling away with red coating my cheeks. Noah leans down and kisses it, tightening his hold around my waist instead of letting me go.

We turned to look at Jake who looked sheepish.

"It's Jude, she's not feeling well," he said.

I felt my heart drop.

Noticing my face Jake said, "She's okay don't worry, she needs to go home though."

I sigh, relieved.

"Alright let's go," Noah said grabbing my hand.

By the time we reached the car, everyone was already there.

I ran up to Jude and hugged her, when we pulled away I saw her looking pale.

"I'm okay Ri, just felt a bit lightheaded," She said to me knowing if she didn't say anything I'd worry even more.

I nodded and kissed her cheek.

We all sat down and I saw Jake wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leaned to rest his head atop hers.

I smiled at the sight.

I turned to look at Noah and saw him already staring at me.

Remembering what happened at the party, I blushed and looked away.

He grabbed my jaw and make me look up at him.

"We're not done baby," He said smirking.

I bit my lip and tucked my head into his chest with a smile on my face, and surely after a few minutes, I was asleep.


Noah's pov 

I wanted to fucking bash every boy's face at the party. River was oblivious to their stares. Thankfully they were smart enough to back off. Everyone knows she belongs to me and I, her.

I looked down at the angel who was asleep on my lap.

God, she was beautiful.

I put a loose tendril behind her ear. She was completely oblivious to her beauty and how everyone stares at her when she walks into a room.

And looked absolutely ravishing tonight. Fuck. I got hard just looking at her.

I rubbed at my face shaking my head as if to get rid of thoughts.

Caleb who was driving, just dropped Jude and Jake at her house, he went with her to make sure she was okay and Sarah was gonna crash at Calebs, so we were the last to be dropped off at my house.

"You good bro?" Caleb asked looking through the rear-view mirror.

I nodded running a hand through my hair, "yeah, just tired."

Sarah turned in her seat at the front and took a picture of us.

I continued looking at River unfazed while Caleb let out a chuckle.

"You two are something else," she said.

I looked up at Sarah, then at my girl, and kissed her forehead.

And whispered, "she is something else."

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