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The world looks better through your eyes

Noah's pov

The hotel was impressive, to say the least. True to its five-star rating, it was lavish and grand. Crystal chandeliers hung from the extremely high ceiling. Fresh roses are placed in every corner of the reception area and beyond.

I tugged River closer to me, wrapping an arm around her small waist as we waited for the man at the counter to give us the card to the room we'll be staying in.

She turned to look up at me after she was done admiring the place, "this place is beautiful," she said, blue eyes sparkling.

The only beauty I see is you, I thought to myself.

I hummed as I caressed her soft cheeks which turned a pretty pink under my touch.

"Excuse me, sir, here is your card." The man handed it to me as I thanked him.

We walked to the elevator and pressed the floor number our room was on.

"Where will we meet the others, Noah," River asked me curiously.

I brushed a blonde lock away from her face, "Everyone's at the indoor pool, so we will see them there."

Her face brightened at the sound of us swimming. My little mermaid.

The elevator door opened on a floor below ours and standing there was Katherine holding Adam.

River let out a delighted gasp, "Katherine!"

The lady's eyes widened as she saw us, "Oh my, what a coincidence! how are you two kids doing?" she said as she got in the lift.

"We're good," River replied shyly as I rubbed her back.

Adam was reaching over to me, Katherine saw this and handed him over.

"Hey there little man," I say cooing at him. He giggles, clutching my white t-shirt then rests his chubby cheek on my chest. I lean down a peck his soft brown hair.

I smile and look down at River who is staring at us with a beautiful blush on her face and an adoring look in her eyes.

Katherine clears her throat once we reach our floor and says, "I'm going to be in a meeting with the head buffet management of the hotel in 30 minutes. Would you guys like to keep an eye on him for a few hours?"

River perks up at this, while I don't mind but who leaves their child with people they barely know?

"Yes! we'd love to," River looks up at me to confirm. I nod and smile at her.

Katherine claps her hands and walks out of the elevator with us, handing over the card to her room. "here's the key in case you guys would want to change Adam. His swimming trunks are in the blue bag."

River smiles at her and nods.

Katherine pecked Adam's forehead and said, "be a good boy," to which Adam giggled.

She waved at us and got into the elevator.

We turned to each other with a smile and walked to our room. It was spacious with a king-sized bed covered in white sheets. The royal blue curtains were shut, fresh roses were placed on two side tables by the bed.

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