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you are loved

more than you know

Noah's pov

The day was finally over, and we wouldn't be having classes the next day since there was a faculty meeting. Everyone, as in our friends, was getting into their cars to go to Sarah's for the mini get-together celebration and sleepover for Jude's birthday.

My angel and I were currently walking over to my car, her fingers laced in mine, as she swung it happily, excited for the sleepover and excited to give her gifts to Jude.

The events that happened earlier in the day, thankfully completely forgotten. I smiled despite myself, happy that she was okay, as my anger at those pests who made her cry simmered down, seeing her back to her cheerful normal self.

I still worried about her cramps, so we stopped on our way to buy some stuff from the grocery which had a bakery, ice cream stalls, and whatnot.

River perked up once she saw the ice cream stall and looked up at me. Smiling down at her, not being able to help myself, I lean down brush my nose against hers and peck her soft lips.

On cue, her beautiful face turns an adorable scarlet red.

"Let's get you some ice cream," at that, she raises our laced fingers to her lips and kisses my knuckles, and thanks me. 

After we pay for her ice cream, we go buy some medicine for her cramps, some drinks, and different cakes, and pastries.

Once we buy everything we need, we put the groceries in the backseat and drive to Sarah's.

"Baby," I started, and River turns to me in her seat, "how're you feeling?"

She caresses my hand which was on her thigh and says softly, "I'm okay."

I sigh, "I really just wanna go home and cuddle the shit out of you."

Giggling as she says, "we can still cuddle at Sarah's, I promise."

"I want you all to myself." Sounding as selfish as they come, but couldn't care less.

Giving a quick glance to River, then focus on the road again, I see her blush.

"I'm all yours, you know that."

I smile, loving the words of affirmation, and squeeze her thigh, which makes her clench them together.

Biting my lip, I remind myself that she's on her period, and I need to control myself.

Arriving at Sarah's, the guys come out and help us bring the groceries inside. We set the food on the table, and I take notice that the guys already changed into their pajamas.

River was currently being smothered by her friends, asking her if she was okay.

"Go change bro, we've got this," Caleb says.

"Alright," I pick up the bag River packed for us and head to the spacious bathroom, pulling my baby along with me, she squealed, making the girls laugh.

Once the bathroom door was locked, I pick River up and set her on the marble bathroom counter. She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down, kissing me.

I squeeze her hips and kiss her back feverishly, my tongue mingles with hers. I bit her lip and she moans gently pulling at my hair, making me groan.

We pull away from each other, she puts her small hands on my heaving chest and clutches my shirt. I look at her beautiful blushing face; her lips were flushed and swollen, as mine were, probably. I rest my forehead against hers as we try to catch our breath.

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