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Even in my worst lies, you found the truth in me

River's pov

Walking into the house, I noticed how cozy and warm it was. The sun was setting and the fireplace in the living room was to be turned on when everyone got inside.

Jude was sitting in the living room, scrolling through her phone, no longer in her swimming suit; now dressed in black leggings and to my delight, the AOT hoodie I got for her birthday.

She looked up at me upon my entrance and I gave her a weak smile as I walked closer to her and sat at the end of the couch to give her some space.

"God River, It's not like I'm gonna hurt you," Jude said looking at me.

Not wanting to cause drama and mention how she almost pulled my shoulder out of its socket, I keep quiet.

Shuffling closer to her, "I don't mean it that way, it's just, you seem mad..."

She sighs and rakes a hand through her long brown hair, "I'm sorry for being harsh River. I shouldn't have done or said that. What I'm not sorry for is caring about my best friend."

"I told Sarah this, and I'll tell you, I really appreciate it, and I'm lucky to have friends who are concerned about me and all. But, Jude, what you said and did was hurtful." I explain softly, hoping she wouldn't get mad.

"River have you seen the state of your body? Because I don't think you have. I know I apologized, but I reacted the way any other person would have reacted." She says incredulously.

I bit my lip, twisting the ring on my finger as if to calm my growing discomfort and just wishing my love was with me, just being in his strong arms wrapped around me made me feel like nothing in this world could ever hurt me. Because friends can break your heart too.

But I needed to do this alone, "exactly Jude, you aren't just any other person. You're our friend, you know us. You know Noah and me."

"That doesn't make it okay." She doesn't get it.

"Jude just drop it. Just because you can't get it in your head that maybe our sweet little River isn't as innocent as she looks. It is what is it. Noah would never hurt her. It's just the way they love each other, jeez." Jake says walking out of the kitchen, holding two bottles of Gatorade.

We hadn't realized someone came back inside the house.

"Although it is hard to imagine with that angelic face of hers," Jake says winking, as he goes back to where everyone else is.

I blush and look back at Jude whose mouth is slightly ajar. She closes it when she sees me staring at her bashfully.

Playing with the hem of the oversized shirt I was wearing, "I don't expect you to understand or accept it but, please just stop thinking badly of Noah and accusing him of things that are not true." I look up at her.

"He isn't like that, he never will be, Jude." I fiddle with my ring.

She stares at me as if to see something that isn't there. Then finally, she nods taking in what I said.

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